Saya Sayang Abah & Mama. Awak?


ibu dan bapa. many of us failed to appreciate them. especially those who have the best ones; ones who are still with us, constantly praying for us, constantly supporting us. we failed to be thankful that we don't have ones who left us, ones who just don't care about us, ones who neglect us. 

and most importantly, we fail to appreciate them, while we still can. when they are still breathing and living in this world. 


how to appreciate our parents, you may ask? no, i dont mean giving them gifts, i dont mean telling them the best grades we had, i dont mean the frequent calls we make. what makes me say we dont appreciate them? when we do the worst thing that a child can do to his/her parents; which is to betray the trust the parents gave us. doing things that saddens them. doing things that may hurt them. 

but many parents dont know. because we all are tricky and too smart too hide it all from them. i see so many things that describe this situation; i wonder if you guys have ever heard of these? (and hopefully you are not doing them..)

creating a specific facebook profile for parents/family? making all photos available for the world to see, yet not the family? not telling parents about those 'friends' that you are having around? them not knowing about the parties or events or the day/night-out we have been to out here? or even the sleep-overs that we had?

university students (local and abroad); Allah gave us a pretty good brain to be able to continue our studies up a notch. some local and some abroad. but we all have a common ground; we are all away from the place called Home. and here is the sad part. the brain is too smart that we are able to hide things pretty well. i guess some parents just allow them children going to parties, wearing inappropriate dresses and all, depending on the level of the religious background they are in. but i think most of our parents do care. and sadly enough, because they care about it, it became the reason of why we hide it all from them.

and betrayed their trust. ~sigh~

i grew up telling my parents everything. not just about my problems or penyakit hati. but who my friends are, who i talk to, what events i attended, what kinds of things i shop, my new skirts and shirts, etc. and i think i will continue on to do so. because the few times i didn't, i find them all to end up very badly; either them being sins that i pray He Forgives, or just things that ended up hurting me so much more, literally or not.

and thus here is my conclusion, as always. there are so many wrong things that can easily attract us. be it having weird tak-ingat-Dunia-Akhirat 'fun', wearing the wrong things (especially for girls) or even befriending the wrong people. but most of them are so subtle that you cant really say that it is wrong, because everybody is doing them too. so how can we know that it's wrong and that we should avoid them?

my answer is Parents. ask ourselves, can we tell them about it? "abah, can i go out with this person who is this and that? Mama, can i wear this kinds of clothes? Abah, can i bring this friends over?" and so, when we dare not tell them of the things we did, or what we  wear, or who our friends are etc. it now became a clear indicator that we are just doing the wrong things. 

and what's worse, we betrayed their trust.

when they are praying that we ended up with a good partner,
we are mixing and mingling with people at parties and events.

when they are praying that our iman and amal is well-kept and improved,
we are having friends over, playing loud music, watching movies together.

when they are praying that we grow up becoming a descent Muslimah,
we are busy buying and shopping clothes that balut instead of covering our aurat.

when they are praying that we become a good Muslim,
we dont even worry that we didn't read the Quran at all for the day.

when they are waking up late at night, crying that Allah kept us safe and sound here,
we did not put any effort to become one soleh/solehah son/daughter, 
whose doa will reach our parents when they are in Alam Barzakh.

ask ourselves again, do we really love them? because sending those 4.00 CGPA results is just not enough. it's often enough here in this short world, but it's definitely not enough to last that Hereafter, which is forever.


i will keep on telling Abah and Mama everything. it keeps me rooted to what is right. and it definitely keeps me away from wrong things. and most importantly, i'll try hard to appreciate the trust they put in me; that i will do things right, avoid the wrong things, and live as a good person, a Muslim at heart. both in iman and in amal. because the trust they had in me, i'm pretty sure i will be putting the same kind of trust in my children in the future, insyaAllah. and as much as i dont want them to betray my trust, i will try not to betray my AbahMama's trust in me. with Allah's help. ameen.

رَبَّنَا ٱغۡفِرۡ لِى وَلِوَٲلِدَىَّ وَلِلۡمُؤۡمِنِينَ يَوۡمَ يَقُومُ ٱلۡحِسَابُ

Wahai Tuhan kami! Berilah ampun bagiku dan bagi kedua ibu bapaku serta bagi orang-orang yang beriman, pada masa berlakunya hitungan amal dan pembalasan

saya sayang Abah & Mama.


Inche gabbana said...

sian tgk budak tu, mcm terseksa je. err.. mana jumpa..? terasa mcm nak gigit pipi dia. heh.

sy pon syg inche papa dan puan mama kita. tp kdg2 syg dan chenta dgn cara yg tersendiri. maknanya, diorang mungkin tak faham dan tak boleh terima cara kita, tp iAllah kita tahu yg kita syg gila pada mereka. sumpah.

after all, tanpa mereka, tiadalah kita pada hari ni..

dan tiara cara yg paling baik ntok tunjukkan kesygan dan kechentaan kita pada mereka melainkan dgn menjadi anak yg soleh. tu je hadiah kita ntok mereka bila mereka dah tiada nnt...


izyan.ariff said...

@inche gabbana lg faymes dr famousamos.:)

i found a website i turned to for beautiful pics. heart something i think its called.hehe.
i think the overflowing baby fat is too cute.

hehe. true.semua ada cara masing2. my mistake sket. tulis dgn perasaan time tuh.haha. my way may not apply to all families out there. but i should have stated, in the context of daughters slalunya, yg slalu call ibu2 dr jauh, tp buat benda2 ibu tak suka behind their backs, i just find it very heartbreaking. if only the mom knows. :'(

cause to me, how you manage the trust ur parents gave you, esp daughters nih, shows how much u value your parents.

klo sorok buat benda baik alhamdulillah. tp from what i see, lg ramai sorok benda yg tak elok.

haih~ still. im reminding myself of it everyday too iA :)

seringgit tigapuluh sen.(lawak kering..)

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