i admit. fitrah perempuan untuk dilihat cantik. siapa taknak? those yang kuat iman di dada je can apply that "ada aku kisah?" type of attitude when it comes to beauty. even so, they still spend some time matching the colours of their clothes before going out. hik. :P

nevertheless, despite everybody assuming that all girls in the whole wide world crave for that "cantik lah awak" compliments, do consider that some also find it very offensive.

few years back in high school, i was very not much into those Miss and Mr Something award. especially when it involves superficial titles; namely Miss Cantik, Mr Kacak, Mr Macho, Miss Cute and Comel and Cuddly and whatever that rolls along with it. (no offence to those who got those titles though. be thankful that Allah grant you guys that extra genes. we mediocre humans do sometimes become jealous of those well-sculptured looks. hehe)

anyways, back to my point. i find it very shallow, when someone was asked to describe a person, and the people would go give a one-word answer of: cantik, kacak, or bergaya. it's as if among the millions of vocabs that we have learnt about personalities, all we can come up for a person is...cantik? to me, i find that to be a teeny bit insulting?

think about it. it's as if our brains or personality or hearts doesn't count much. if that word comes from a person who don't know us, i guess it WILL count as a compliment. but if superficial words like that comes from a person who have been friends with us for the past 10 years, then it's just plain underrated. at least, that's my opinion. 

tapi... kalau dah orang tu cantik sangat? 

fine je... i dont mean that you saying it will automatically get you that 'shallow' tag. just describe all her other traits first and end it with .."and cantik." which clearly goes to show how our thinking is aligned with what our Deen tells us, that real beauty is what's in the heart, and not just what we see. 

but of course, cantik is very subjective. sometimes it does meant that someone is overall cantik. her heart and her personality is so Cantik that it sparkles outside too. and that is something that all of us should aim for, insyaAllah. 

but sadly enough, we all live in a world where cantik luaran is what we crave for, and compliments from random people makes people feel better. we gave full effort in clothes, make-up and shoes, leaving behind any effort for your Personality and most importantly your Heart.

then what makes us any different, from the cover girls of those fashion magazines? when everything is perfectly Cantik outside, but that little thing called Heart is all rotten up inside. what else you have to offer, if all that will be taken away one day?

cantik? of course your confidence level are boosted with those compliments. but rather than hearing those from random guys, hearing my Abah and Mama say it to me boost my confidence way much more. (and insyaAllah from future Hubby? *coughcough*). as for those physical compliments coming from those ajnabi? sorry, but they are just shallow remarks. 

cantik luaran is seen with mata kasar. but cantik dalaman is seen with mata hati. and we all know which should be prioritized. don't we, sweethearts? :)

“Ketahuilah, di dalam tubuh itu ada segumpal daging. 
Bila ia baik maka baik pulalah seluruh tubuh. 
Dan apabila ia rosak maka rosak pulalah seluruh tubuh. 
Ketahuilah itu adalah hati."
(HR Bukhari dan Muslim) 



Syazana said...

Well Yan. As i have always said before, if i'm a guy. You are one of the few that i would like to propose (:

lonelysoldierboy89 said...

that's there; little heart...

alhamdulillah =)

cikpuansriardele said...

mak saye kate, org dlu2 malu kalo org kate cantik.cm nk sorok muke..org2 skarang, berbangga2 kalo org ckp cantik.hmm

Syazana said...

Like once I said to you. You are my wife if I am a guy. But then meeting so many beautiful girls out here, terjejas carta sikit. But still you are in my top ten favourite wives. (;

izyan.ariff said...

@soldierboy : jazakallah for visitin :)

@adilah cyg:
true. mama sy pn cakap mcm tu. padahal dorg jauh cantek. natural beauty. huhu~ we need those sifat2 back! T,T

haha. syg. u noe that i got the first version of ur comment in my email? have to say. liked the first one better. yg second ni berbaur curang and kene bermadu. haha :)

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