love again


finding myself falling deeper in love with medicine. learnt a lot about ethics today. somehow it keeps the mind rolling. was exposed to the cruel world of medicine too. the long hours, the expectations from the public that you are the healers, the emotional stress, the taboo of being burnt out (which is a complete NoNo), coping with deaths and so on.

subhanallah, it really is an interesting field. T,T

i may not be excellent in writing A+ essays, or getting 95% out of those MCQs; but i sure can sit down and tell you many things about the world of medicine. *refer buku la kan.heh*

a part of me wish that this final half of medicine will pass by as fast as possible. but im guessing it will. and a doctor earlier today said something quite inspirational;

"learn as much as you can. 
read as much as you can while you are still able to. 
cause once you're in the field, you can rarely find time."

fuh that seems scary. but that got my adrenaline rushing.


but the fact that malaysia will have a surplus of doctors by 2015 somehow seems to dim that bright future ahead. because too much doctors will usually mean too little hands-on. too little experience. that just means bad physicians.huhu.

*hmm.. smells like someone's considering staying back?*
huhu. wallahua'lam.

Allah always has the best of Plans.

do what you have to do now yan.
which is to read those lecture notes!!yosh!

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