Oblivious? Bacalah.


the other day, i found a very interesting video coming from UAI's (for those who don't know, it's the initials for Ustaz Azhar Idrus) avid fan, im guessing. by the way, yes i'm also a fan of his. i have high respect for his personality, and most definitely his way of spreading dakwah. i know many people find him a bit harsh. he is, actually. but i find that his funny and straight forward points are great at times, when all we need are some imaginary slaps in the face to get us back to reality; that we all are Allah's creations, created for a purpose (two purposes i suppose; 2:30 & 51:56), and yet we are stupid beings who likes to waste time, dan banyak lagi lah.

anyways, click here for the video mentioned. 

rasa best after watching the video. knowing the fact that it's fairly easy for us to seek knowledge nowadays. fairly easy for us to know what is right and what is wrong. just the other day, a friend of mine asked me a question regarding samak, and all i did was googled it. so many webs with all the answers needed. on that note, yes of course, we have to be careful too with the sources of those ilmu agama.

however, one Arab brother spoke of this issue (from the last post i mentioned about going to a halaqah). he expressed his thoughts of how easy for us to seek ilmu nowadays, that all of them are just a click away. but then his next sentence snapped me back from this dream of mine;

"it's so easy for us to find those ilmu, 
that i'm afraid our punishment will be 10 times worse in the Hereafter."

when it involves ilmu agama, i always heard of people saying way back then, "tak apa kalau kita tak tahu." which leads to many of us who chose to remain oblivious to hukum-hakam as well as peraturan Allah. especially when it involves small intricate details. for example, you just don't want to know in details about whether we can actually eat out at non-Muslim restaurants, or how Khuf actually works, or if certain cara pakaian is okay or not, or the do's and don'ts when we're in 'love' etc. many of us thought, that it's okay. that Allah will let us go if we did something wrong, dengan syarat we actually don't know that it's wrong.

but when i came here, a sister shared. truthfully, Allah will ask us back, why then didn't we look for those ilmu agama, to know whether those things that we did were wrong or not? because deep down, we all know that those ilmu are always there, they're all from the Al-Quran. i think it's fair for me to say that, in today's world, the statement, "saya tak tahu." is not valid anymore; because the real thing we are actually saying is, "saya tak nak ambil tahu". 

betul tak? because nowadays, even if you're not looking for things, it's just there in front of you. hukum tu hukum ni. teguran tu teguran ni. take facebook for example, your homepage is filled with so many great articles and videos of Deen (intermingled with lagho things too sadly), that it's quite impossible for you to remain oblivious to them.

and sometimes, many chose to remain oblivious to small details too, saying that, "agama ni tak menyusahkan." but the thing is, if we thought of it as menyusahkan, of course it will become one. but if we think of trying to make it as perfect as possible, then it won't be menyusahkan after all. kan?

if we can stay up all night, just to find those perfect HD videos of our favourite movies, or dramas, because we want to enjoy the best quality pictures; was it menyusahkan? those many hours googling for the right webs? or when we wanted to surprise our Baby Boo with a birthday party, and decided to make the best chocolate cake possible, and called up his friends, spending hours and hours to cook, planning every single details, was it menyusahkan at that time?

thus, i think it goes back to how much we want certain things. if we really want to present the best of ourselves, applying Deen in every aspect of our lives just like how our prophet Rasulullah S.A.W did; then seeking ilmu agama, even to the smallest of details won't be menyusahkan after all kan? 

because in the end we are just His hamba,
susah-susah sikit untuk Dia;
it's the least we can do to the One who Gave us everything. :) 

insyaAllah, this is again a reminder to self, first and foremost.


yours truly,
trusting Him, that He's giving me the best in life. ;) 

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