Choosy and Picky


alhamdulillah, many have voices out their opinions about this issue. and mine is not that different either. but i have some additional thoughts about it. may it benefits. :)


lately we've seen much posts in facebook, about the downfall of certain individuals who have studied overseas. i dont think i need to mention specific names here because many have heard enough about them. a genius who chose the path of being a prostitute, an ex-medical student who thinks that we can be both gay and Muslim(?? emoticon: rolling eyes), and the latest topic, an icon for us SPM students a few years back, who have fallen into the trap of living the Western life. basically, all of them happened here, di seberang laut-laut. (read: overseas)

to me, i find it a little bit funny, that our Malaysian news were covering it a leeeettle bit over-proportionately back in Malaysia; mainly the newspapers. (tabloids lain lah, they are created solely for these kinds of stories). but it seems just wrong, for people to dwell over and over about them, going into intricate details about the wrong things that they are doing.

and yet siapa je yang went to them, and help them because they are obviously oblivious to our Islamic teachings? siapa je who reads up about them, and pray that Allah guide them back? siapa je yang listen to their stories, and pray to Allah to keep our iman safe and sound, because we don't even know, what kind of ujian (read: tests), that Allah has given them. have we ever thought about it; that if we were in their shoes, we might have ended up the same way?

we pray Allah won't let us any near those tests and temptations, because iman kita pun entah kuat entah tak. kan?


i dont know if parents back in Malaysia are now thinking more than twice whether to send their kids overseas; what with the news piling up one above the other. seemingly everyone is changing for the worse here. (UK/Eire/US mana-manalah negara overseas).

but the fact of the matter is, all these things happening to these 3 individuals, are happening everywhere, and not just among these students studying overseas, but in Malaysia too. but i guess since it's too widespread back home, where those people changing from modest-budak-kampung to hot-clubbing-chicks are common sights, no one really bothers anymore. to say that there are no gay students, or those turning to prostitution in Malaysia, is a big lie too. the fact that these groups of people are of a large scale, shouldn't be neglected as well.

so why do we have all these commotions with these 3 individuals, whose living far away in the Western world, where Muslims are scarce, and of course the temptations and the culture shock will be bigger. and yet, why are we not that loud in questioning, those abundant youngsters whose going into the dumps on a daily basis in Malaysia; sedangkan they are those who are still under the parents' guidance, living in a so-called Muslim country. why are we not worried about that? is it not a worthy fact that us malaysians should think of? why aren't the news covering about them on a daily basis if it's a big of an issue?

basically the point im trying to make here is, the situation now seems to fit well with the saying that goes; 

Semut di seberang nampak, gajah di depan tak nampak. 
(which basically means; easily seeing the faults in others, and not in oneself)

but in this case, it can be used literally. we are too busy dwelling with the small number of cases far away, that can't even be solved; and yet before this, we don't even really care about these same thing happening back home. tak pernah nak kisah pun, adik kepada sepupu sebelah abang ipar yang pergi dye rambut,   pakai baju ketat, merempit sana-sini. somehow, the fact remains, that we like to gossip a lot. *haih*

i was wondering why the girl became a sudden issue. and some said, "ouh, because she's an icon, and people are shocked from the changes." ah~ i see. so here is my question; 

for a sinful doing, does it need to be an icon, or a famous being, before we can be worried about it. so if it's just that teenage kid in your neighbourhood doing the same thing, then it's not that worrisome? 

is that how it works?

i guess it has become a norm in our society. where for every sinful things that we see, we somehow contemplate them with certain individuals and not the others. for example, we go gossiping around when we see a hot girl in our school who wears short skirts and dyed her hair, wondering if she's praying or not, this and that. and yet, when we watch the Malay dramas, and out came our favourite actress Liza Surinami who also wears revealing clothes and what not, and yet none of the thoughts came to mind. all we did was drooling over how pretty she is, how cool she is, how we wanna be like her in the movie yadda-yadda.

it goes to show that there is something seriously wrong in our judgments. when sinful things are not judged based on the actions, but based on the action-maker instead. that's how Choosy and Picky we are in life. i guess that's why, Allah itu je yang Maha Adil. humans like us? hmm. i dare say Not. 

وَتَمَّتۡ كَلِمَتُ رَبِّكَ صِدۡقً۬ا وَعَدۡلاً۬‌ۚ لَّا مُبَدِّلَ لِكَلِمَـٰتِهِۦ‌ۚ وَهُوَ ٱلسَّمِيعُ ٱلۡعَلِيمُ

‘Telah sempurna Kalimat-Kalimat Tuhanmu dengan kebenaran dan Keadilan. Tidak ada perubahan-perubahan pada kalimatn-Nya. Ia Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui."

ps: i'd like to state my stand again. you can be jugdmental, for the actions made. but never on the action-maker. a reminder to self, first and foremost. wallahua'lam.

yours truly,
decision made. 
just need to be firmer. 
may Allah Guides. (unrelated)

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