Those Days


it's one of those days again.
when i feel so tired of myself.
not being able to put a finger on what's bothering me most.
because too much has happened. intertwined with one another.

is it the environment?
is it the wrong things others are doing?
is it the wrong things I myself was doing?
is it the fact that we know its wrong, yet we're not doing anything about it?
is it the fact that we ourselves dont know what the hell are we doing there in the first place?

when life is not Allah-oriented, 
everything will be not-quite right, if not plainly wrong.
you may have fun, but you're just not happy.
you may eat a lot, but you're just not that full.
you may laugh, but you find it not that truly funny.

so you ended up tired.
really tired of how life has become.

then you're back home, flipping through some verses of the Quran.
and then you realized how great He is, for still giving you a chance to remember Him. 
instead of letting you go with the wordly flow. 
He still Gives you a chance to think of Him, despite just before, 
you were doing things that show so little of your remembrance of Him. 
He, who Watches you forgetting Him countless times, but never ever Leave your side; instead He Gives you more.

jadi tak malu ke kita, untuk buat benda tanpa fikir tentang Dia? tanpa fikir berapa banyak hukum Dia yang kita lawan?

but i guess, most of us really just dont care about Him. but do remember, that when that One Day (read: Hari Pembalasan) comes, the only one who can take care of us is Him. ask ourselves, do we think we deserve His Protection at that time? 
our actions NOW will decide.


yours truly,
a truly weak hamba. T,T


Liana said...

Salam alaiki ukhti,

MashaAllah, ana faham sgt2 perasaan enti. I strongly believe times like this are crossed upon at various points repeatedly by mankind as they trace their life journey.

And alhamdulillah, we are amongst those who are truly privileged to be reminded and always brought back to the right path. Life centering Allah SWT that is; to tsabat on His True Path.

Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah

izyan.ariff said...

salam dear :)

those times, i should be more thankful for. despite it crushing the heart, its because He wants to put it back together.^^,


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