Penyejuk Hati


once, i had a deep thoughtful conversation with Abah. of  how does he feel about bringing up his children? how did he manage? how does he blend in with all our different characters? i think that the conversation actually stems up from Dad having advised me not to do this and that to my little sister, because it's not her style. that got me. cause it goes to show that he really does treat us accordingly; understanding every behaviour, every tantrum thrown by each of his child. (walaupun takde lah ramai sangat. empat je.hehe)

i am amazed, with all these differences, yet he and Mama still manage to make all of us felt that we are the most loved one, compared to the others. *haha* because everytime we have something extra, we would brag it to one another. like when Abah was kissing one's cheek in front of others ke, we would go loudly saying, "eh apa? ni anak abah paling sayang sekali?" hehe. dont worry, it's a healthy competition. it's not that we really fight for that spot. we all knew that we all are dearly loved. ^^,

sometimes, we siblings did ended up having conversations that we shouldn't be saying those things out loud.  because Abah and Mama will be too happy. knowing that they had done their job well, that all of us felt we are the most loved one. ceh!

anyways, back to my conversation with Dad. so he sort of explain how each and every children of his, fills different parts of his heart. each role was profound, that you don't really get jealous of the others. and mine was,  Penyejuk Hati. wuu.. rase nak nangis time tu. for my parents to feel that way about me, whilst i know for a fact that there had been so many things and words that might have hurt them indirectly. for giving me that title, i vow to myself that day i dont want to let them down with that. because to think of his children like that, they must've trusted us, whole-heartedly. :')

kalau betul penyejuk hati, my words should always soothes them, kan?
kalau betul penyejuk hati, my actions would always be respectful to them, kan?
kalau betul penyejuk hati, my doings will not hurt them at all kan?
kalau betul penyejuk hati, i should always be bringing them to Him kan?
*teary teary*

Abah + Mama may not realize it, but it has affected me since. that there is so much more that i need to do. my one and only aim right now, is to work hard, along with them, in this journey towards that Final Happy Ending, insyaAllah. which is to be in His Jannah. because Allah, this lowly servant of yours, would really, really want to meet You on that fateful day, along with her AbahMama.

so, how about you?
what's your part?
be sure to find one, and make the best of it.

‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr radhiallahu 'anh menerangkan bahawa seorang lelaki datang kepada Nabi shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam dan berkata:

“Sesungguhnya aku datang untuk memberi janji taat setia (bai‘ah) kepada engkau untuk berhijrah, akan tetapi aku meninggalkan kedua orang tuaku dalam keadaan menangis.” Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam berkata kepadanya:

“Kembalilah kepada mereka berdua dan jadikanlah mereka berdua ketawa (gembirakanlah mereka) sebagaimana kamu jadikan mereka menangis.”

[explanation of hadith, click here]


yours truly,

slightly home sick.


... said...

Ana curious. Enti ni naqibah ke? Knowledge enti seems sgt banyak bandingkan dgn apa yg ana tahu.. *malu&sedih*

izyan.ariff said...


no im not dear. (but i do have a Bulatan Gembira that i laaavvv so much!, so i guess it influences my writings? hee)

subhanallah, knowledge-wise im waay behind. this is just me sharing random thoughts that i hope would benefit.

...random as it may be. :)

*jgn malu / sedih. we all are in that phase.of not knowing enough of our own Deen. but we can always learn*

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