What Goes Around, Comes Around

i am 22 now. and i think it's old enough; to figure things out more, to dwell deeper into things. but sadly many still just don't.


instead; we are worrying how would guys see us, pretty enough? worrying how many of them would want to add us in facebook later on. worrying how many would click that Like button below our pictures. worrying this and that. 

worrying about the physical appearance, at this age, just because of the opposite sex, for me, it's just too much. shouldn't we all realize by now; that Allah is able to take them anytime? that so-called beauty of ours.

at that time, what do we have to offer? when our dresses, selendang and ornaments wont be there to help us. the jeweleries, the weird-styled hijabs, this and that. what do we have to offer, then?

beauty, if followed by what the society says, can never really get you anywhere; maybe perhaps that spot on the cover of magazines, or the latest malay movies. but real beauty, is always what is defined in our Deen. Beauty, is what's in the heart.

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda: 

“Ketahuilah, di dalam tubuh itu ada segumpal daging. 
Bila ia baik maka baik pulalah seluruh tubuh. 
Dan apabila ia rusak maka rusak pulalah seluruh tubuh. 
Ketahuilah itu adalah hati.

(HR Bukhari dan Muslim)

just like how Islam has defined what Kecerdikan is. whilst we would define it as those getting 20As, or those who scored in exams, or those who's able to find weird solutions of every single math problems; we were taught otherwise:

Sabda Rasulullah:
"Orang yang paling cerdik adalah orang yang sentiasa mengingati mati." 
(Riwayat Ibnu Majah dan Ibnu Abidunya.)

and the list goes on. so it's frustrating really, when girls would lose that extra cloth; not covering the chests, or the shirt is just a little bit higher up than normal; just because we want that little extra attention from kaum Adam. it's frustrating, to see others putting on that extra spray, just to give that whiff to total strangers. apa guna tarik perhatian 50 orang lelaki, because eventually you'd want to end up with one? and that can only be great with His Izin.

but if the process involves breaking 50 rules of Allah, then i guess, what you give is what you get. in anything that we do, remember Allah. because What Goes Around, Comes Around. later in the Hereafter, if not now. and believe me, later in this sense does not make things any better. 

*what we should be looking for, is not people who wants us for how we look.
but those who want to walk with us together to Jannah.*

yours truly,
one who have countless of wrongdoings in this area alone.
way imperfect. but that doesn't mean i cant say what is right and what's not.


... said...

Salam again dear sis,

True that. We are looking for those who will sincerely take our hands and lead us in walking towards Jannah, dalam meraih ridho Illahi.

A well known quote to share: "The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart."

May you always be in His Blessings.

Wslm (nak letak smiley tp macam menipu perasaan sebenar pula.. I can only offer you a smile full of sorrow - ok, is that a legit smile in the first place? -.-)

Liana said...

Is it your bday (21st dec?)

Allah yubarik feeki ya ukhti !!

Nah, hadiah! 24:155 (If ever things get rough to the extent of exceeding your breaking point, always go back to this verse)

Salam uhibbuki fillah from the far far away land..

izyan.ariff said...

@ liana:

nope. mine is actually on Oct 6th. but i dont mind the prayers and the gift!! hehehe

jazakillah dear~~

izyan.ariff said...


ah. n i thot that ... was actually liana. this is a bit confusing now. hehe

that sorrowful smile of yours, i think i can relate. thats how i feel everytime i typed in here. wondering how much of a hypocrite i am whenever i am writing. *read: cakap tak serupa bikin*

but Allah Understands better our niat. kan?

so let Him decides the rest. we just do our part. to change and remind. :)

jazakillah ^^,

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