im not THAT serious



kakak says im too serious that she's scared of reading my blog lately. (except the penyejuk hati one, cause she ended up calling Abah asking what's hers.haha) so here is me saying that im still the same little sist lah. 

one who talks different impromptu-alienic language with you just to confuse the cute mama.
one who joins forces with you pretending lin is invisible just to scare her.
one who says 'Laf To You too' back, instead of 'I love you too' that makes everyone around us wonder if we are that bad in English?
one who still misses the time you'd come by KMB and stayed in the room, just to exist in one's world. ;)
one who still misses the sleepovers at your 'bujang' house, when you would wake me up early and make me nasi goreng + nugget.

those times had passed. 
but the memories will always be there.
but no worries, cause new ones are being made too.

i've enjoyed every single moment and talks i had with you;
and am enjoying them still.
and they are what makes you the best and coolest Big Sister in the whole wide world.

thank You, for lending me you.

ps: is this an attempt to make you read my blog again? yes, it definitely is.

Laf To You kakak! :)

but there's one definite time i know that im serious; 
when im praying that we both will end up in His Jannah. :)

us, 5 years ago :)


the one who loves u with no exceptions said...

yan..u made me cry so hard during OFFICE HOURS. :'(

i guess i miss u so much..and maybe the background music has its effects too. all i'm saying is that i don't want u to grow up too fast.

i still need my little sister,u know.

izyan.ariff said...

@ kakak, ibu Boolat ;)

im still tht crazy girl, no worries. and even when we're wrinkled and crumpled, i am still ur little sist, insyaAllah ;)

hugsssss muah!

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