Budak Sekolah Rendah

i rarely write these kinds of things, not because i dont have my own opinions; but often because there's so much of them out there, that adding yours doesn't benefit much pun. but i guess sometimes it's okay to be vocal about some critical thoughts kan? so here goes; to those who don't understand this; forgive me. i myself am not sure of what im writing, but i just feel like it. to those who get it, if my concept or understanding is wrong, do forgive me too. for i am just a mere being, bound to make mistakes. but it's the only way we will learn in life, kan? :P



kita, hanyalah budak sekolah rendah.
di kampung kita ni, ada beberapa buah sekolah rendah. semua kurikulum berbeza. ada yang fokus pada pelajaran sahaja, ada yang tekankan sports, ada yang tekankan communication skills. tapi in the end, semua nak benda sama, which is to make sure all of them students pass that one exam, the UPSR. because being a good debater, or the fastest runner in that 100m race, is still not enough. we all still need that UPSR scroll to enter Sekolah Menengah.

Kurikulum sekolah yang berbeza ini telah dihasilkan oleh Cikgu-cikgu yang sangat berkebolehan. they are ones who have seen enough and experience enough to come up with those curriculum. if we look at these differences from a bird's eye view, i believe we can all agree that these differences are for the best. they can cater for different types of students. yang introvert sikit, suka study sahaja, masuklah sekolah pertama. yang suka sports, masuk sekolah yang kedua. yang suka bersuara, masuk lah sekolah yang ketiga. janji, masuk dulu sekolah, belajar, dan ambik UPSR tu; along with the extra skills that they wanted.

so what's the problem?

the problem is, these budak-budak sekolah like to fight with one another. fighting over whose school is the best in the kampung. that's why i said, we are all budak-budak sekolah rendah. because we are just starting to understand what our curriculum is all about, and yet we are busy telling others that we are the best. baru je setahun jagung masuk sekolah. it goes to show how immature we are, when all we see is just that. 

try tanya Cikgu-cikgu, "Cikgu, sekolah mana yang terbaik?" they will surely laugh at us. because they, who created this curriculum, aimed to attract more and more students into school, to take that UPSR exam. Tak kisahlah sekolah mana-mana pun, sebab semuanya akan ada exam tu, insyaAllah.

questioning which school is the best; really, does it get us anywhere, once we know that our school is the best in the kampung? does it make the other school any less beneficial than ours?  does it make those students in those other school stupider? does it make the teachers in the other schools any less reliable?

if we question these things just to know which is the best for us, and which can help us score better in that UPSR exam, i guess it's fine. but if it's just to make you feel better about yourself, because you are a part of that so-called best school, then i suggest we take some time off. look deep into our Hearts, apa yang kita nak sebenarnya?



it's not enough to ask; yang manakah yang terbaik?
but the best thing to ask is; yang manakah yang terbaik untuk saya?

because eventually all of them aimed for the same thing. the most crucial point we should consider is, which medium will help us in making full use of our abilities, for the better. that's what i believe, we all should be looking for. and every person, have their own reasons for why they chose some things, and not the other. so let them be, asalkan tak langgar hukum Allah. if the things they chose are for the better, i think it's something we should be thankful for.

sama seperti cari pasangan lah. you don't go around just looking for the perfect partner; ok beragama, check; cantik, check; keturunan baik, check; sekufu, check; all those checks still won't mean a thing, if the Heart is not settled. dalam apa-apa pilihan pun, when the Heart is settled, when you can say that you have chosen one thing and make the best out of it; that is the right choice. and your choice will always be different than others because we all are created differently, and we all have our own reasons for the choices we make.

thus, let us all stop with the immature questions.
learn to accept, give and take.
husnuzon (think positive of others)
we all are living in a community, start by being a part of it.
even if we feel like the others are not making any effort, at least we know we've tried.

but again,
this is just an opinion.
coming from a mere budak sekolah rendah.
who wishes that all schools will produce 5As students all around.


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