by ~Ibrahim-K of deviant art
haha. the picture kinda speaks the truth you know..:P

finished the mid-term exams today, alhamdulillah. pressure lifted. hehe.

the last 2 paper was endocrine + CNS diseases

for CNS,
i had been burying my head  in the pile of lecture notes last few days,
filled with the so many different diseases of our nervous system.

one of the lectures was about neurodegenerative diseases.
you know; alzheimer's, parkinson, huntington and so on.

when i was reading the whole thing,
i watched some videos of the patients with the illnesses.

i remembered thinking;

"ya Allah, please help me memorize all this. 
please make the exam easy for me."

then i realized.

i was so worried of my brain not being able
to memorize and differentiate all these illnesses.

and easily forgetting the fact that these people
had lost so many things because of them.

some lost their memory. some can't talk. some can't walk.
some cant move all their hands and legs.
some had difficulty breathing.
some can't think on their own.
some had died.

*geleng-geleng kepala*

memang senang lupa nikmat Allah.

thank you Allah,
for all the things you Gave; that we often forget,
for all the harms You Kept away; that we often oversee.

yours truly.
finals coming soon. :)

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