of sweets, balloons and letting go

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there is the most delicious looking sweets-shop at the side of the road. everyday, you and your friends would go to class and pass that shop. you would paste your head at the glass-mirror and drool over the displayed sweets. but the problem is, sometimes it's open, sometimes it's not. one day,  you were heading back from class alone, and you realized that it's open!! you went in and bought some. but you realized how awful they tasted, and soon you were telling all your friends how bad they were. you vow to yourself you will never ever ever buy them again. but the question is, will your friends believe you and resist all the temptations?

by ~TheFleX of deviantart


last night i was chatting away with si Pika. i can only wonder (hehe), how our conversation strayed to a question; why everybody wants a relationship so bad? no matter what level the relationship is. [read: how much it has developed; just friends to the-only-thing-left-to-do-is-the-akad-nikah].

but Che Pika gave a very good insight. and here's my conclusion:

it's easy for us to let go of something that we already have,
then to let go of something that we never even have in the first place.

pening? mari saya explain. people who have had some experiences would easily relate to all the wrong things that our religion is prohibiting in pre-marital relationships. they would understand why our religion is saying haram to it all, because they knew the consequences that comes with them, as they have been through it. and they knew the awful feelings that comes after it too. 

but for those who haven't, how would they understand the extent of these consequences or awfulness, when they don't even know what it's like, and what is NOT to like about it? and thanks to syaitonirojiiimm, the temptations to experience it all are overwhelming. so how can a friend's word of advice, be digested, just because your friends said so? a friendly advice vs syaitonirojimm-2000years-experience-of-tempting-humans. come on lah, we all can see who's gonna win here. =,=''

so, does it mean we all have to go through all the relationships first before we can truly understand the underlying sickness within them? (yeayyy!!) 

err.. of course it's a Big No.

because those friendly advices, are not merely based on experiences, but they're from what are stated in the syara', of how a relationship between a guy and a girl should really be. you can find all sorts of things that are prohibited in Islam, but freely done in any pre-marital relationships anywhere. won't list them here, everybody knows them better. tepuk dada, tanya iman.

and secondly, how can you be so sure that once you've experienced it you will have the guts to leave that guy/girl behind. if you were already in a downward spiral, then i guess it might be easy (but you have a higher chance of relapse). but how about those who are happily in love (which are most, if not all, are Devil's Lies),  do you think it's easy for you to let go?

i am amazed at how people proclaim they are in love, when love itself is Allah's gift. so how can it be Allah's gift, when it is laid in the midst of all things Allah prohibited. cinta sejati? think again. and even if your love lasts till marriage (alhamdulillah), you and your spouse still need to repent for all the things that you have done in the past, because none of them was right in His Eyes.

by ~lolya of deviantart

so here is my advice for the umpteenth time, let it go. 
people may think you look sad and lonely, but you are the happiest inside. 
so just let go of that thin string. 
but trust me, as your heart flies up to the sky, someone will definitely caught it up there. 
and that Someone will never ever let you down. 
because He had Loved you the moment He Laid Eyes on you. 
so who can beat that kind of love?
(and mestilah Dia carikan mr Right yang beriman, kacak, bergaya lagi hensem. mwahaha~)
have a little faith.


yours truly,
someone who loves herself for letting go :)


[fathiyyah] said...

well said! :)

izyan.ariff said...


hehe. alhamdulillah *wink*

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