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remember back in high school, where we used to have mock interviews with the teachers to help us apply for scholarships? the same thing happened again in prep-college right? and remember back the days when we would work so hard to bring our english to perfection. from the bau-budu-English to the all-american-accent. practicing in the room, with friends, in front of the mirror, in the shower, etc.

we would practice, because that's how much we want that scholarship.


so how about our recitation in solat and our Quran recitation? 
how much effort are we putting in perfecting our way of reciting His Words?

i admit that many people came from so many different backgrounds. kudos to those who came from a 'rockstar' family background, and are able to recite it beautifully now. of course, mistakes might be made here and there; but you have just started. and at least you know you're trying your best.

but how about most of us? who had our first khatam way before we start our high school. if we have learnt al-Quran back when we were 5 years old; how come 20 years later, we still make mistakes in reciting al-Fatihah? :) 

when  ض and د still sounds the same.
when  ز and ذ still cant be differentiated.

is reciting Allah's words not important enough for us to try and make it better? lets leave aside the daily recitals, but how about the recitals in the solat? have we ever try and imagine, how Allah is listening to it? a Pak Arab, last semester, told us in one of the recital class; if we cant read the Quran like how the Prophet taught us too, then we better just stick to the basics of reading al-Fatihah over and over again, until it reaches perfection. 

because in arabic, the slightest mistake may lead to a change in the whole meaning of the verse. scary ain't it? and for all i know, ilmu tajwid, is something that everybody needs to learn. have a read, here.

so treasure our recitals, especially in our solat. because these words that we are reciting, they are not just simple words. they are words of Allah, and words (kalimah) taught by Him.

if we had worked so hard back then for a  scholarship, why don't we try and work harder, for this huge 'scholarship' for our immortal life ahead?

after all, practice does makes perfect. insyaAllah.
let alone a perfection worth practicing for. 


yours truly,
one who still have to practice reciting Al-fatihah in front of her nenek everytime balik kampung ;)
and it gets harder with Al-Kafiruun. (sayang my Che~)
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