mine is RM15k, how bout yours?

by ~mechtaniya of deviantart
every girl is a princess at heart, waiting patiently for the prince coming her way. (cheesy eh?sorry.hehe)

sad to think that this is what our society has become. when all the makcik-makcik at the wedding will talk about is how big the pelamin is, which hotel is it held at, and most importantly, berapa hantaran? 

as much as we deny it, when parents are putting the price, it IS as if you're putting a price on your daughters. and what's worse, the price is based on educational background, or physical looks rather than their religious background. seemingly out of the four main criteria listed down by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we take seriously the first 3 things (property, rank, and beauty) and leave the most important element for a long-lasting marriage behind. which is; religion.

berapa hantaran? ill gladly answer mine is RM15k, if and Only if:

1. 30 juzuk Quran dah hafal dalam dada.
2. sahih Bukhari & sahih Muslim di hujung lidah
3. can cook almost everything from eastern to western food
4. kuih traditional? sebut je, setengah jam siap.
5. boleh jahit coat, kemeja, baju melayu cekak musang? you name it.
6. hubby is coming back, one hour before you're already home, cantik dari atas sampai bawah.
7. suara lemah lembut, hubby dengar jamin cair.
8. drop-dead gorgeous, soft-baby-skin, putih ibarat susu, muka kalah Miranda Kerr. (note: guys, dont even try to google this name!)
and all kinds of perfection that you can list down. 

most of you probably are familiar with these criteria. yes, they're more or less what Ustaz Azhar Idrus mentioned in one of his talks(mama was totally laughing when i told her about this talk). funny as he seems, he totally makes his point in the end. who are we to put prices on our heads, based on degrees and looks? RM15, 000, but when someone asked us about the five pillars of islam, we cant even really answer nor understand why syahadah is the first one in the list. RM15,000, but in the first week, you have already raised your voice in front of your hubby. tell me again, are you even worth the price you put?

but the society is still there. and most, if not all, still dont understand all these. and it's our job to make them understand along with us, of what is important and what is not. because sadly enough, dunya is really great in deceiving us all.

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W:
"Seorang wanita yang penuh barakah dan mendapat anugerah Allah adalah yang 
maharnya murah, mudah menikahinya, dan akhlaknya baik. 
Namun sebaliknya, wanita yang celaka adalah yang 
mahal maharnya, sulit menikahinya, dan buruk akhlaknya."

scarily, im taking this chance to talk about something that has not even happened to me yet. "sedap cakap, tengok nanti kawen macam mana." wallahua'lam . i dont know either what'll happen. entah-entah mengamuk nak RM20k, who knows? but i know now that we can start praying that Allah make ours the easiest, and most importantly, blesses it with barakah. because a barakah wedding, insyaAllah will also be a  start of a barakah-filled marriage. dont you think? so let's pray.

and looking at the list, i'm ashamed to even put RM1000 on my head. =,=''


yours truly,
exam mode pun sempat fikir pasal ni.hehe ;)


Cheqot said...

yan, you're such a wise young lady :) and this post is brilliant!

izyan.ariff said...

@cheqot the bitrhday girl:

haha. i take that as a doa. ameen :) alhamdulillah. thank you for liking it.ngeee~

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