of sarcasm


i dont like it.

it's something that's deliberately done to belittle others.

if it's to help fix some mistakes, i guess to a certain extent it can be accepted.

even so, i still dont like it. i find it a very immature way to right the wrongs.

because it involves hurting others' feelings or prides.

some said it's just a form of joke.

well some jokes can get carried away too.

yet, many others out there still find it amusing.

but you know what i think?

i believe sarcasm is a form of weakness.

an outlet for those who feel intimidated, yet tried to act cool about it;

so you turn to sarcasm.

because people cant really actually tell if you're serious about it,

or just plainly joking.


even the word itself sounds awful.

but, sarcasm is normal.

you just have to know your limits, that's all.

yours truly,

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