of Nottingham and Games

by =candymax

finally dapat merasa notts game yang disebut-sebut orang.
i chose to go happily this year as my getaway.
from the hectics of midterm exams the past few weeks,
+ masalah-masalah jiwa yang lain.

a few nawaitu (intentions) were listed before i went there.

1. jumpa kawan lama
2. cheer housemate lawan netball

both were successfully completed.
the former was more than what i bargained for.
met so many friends, expected and non-expected ones.

some stayed with me most of the time, 
some i bumped into more than twice, 
some only once and i took pictures with,
some one i'd finally able to meet after 9 years! (fatimaaahh~~) *almost cried*
some gave delicious free food (thank you!),
some encounters were totally brief it was less than a minute!

but that was satisfactory enough,
at least when i meet you guys next time,
we can say, "dah jumpe kat notts game kan?"


pagi ni pulang kembali ke Dublin.
with a very heavy eyelid,
a tired body (walaupun cap ayam langsung tak main sports)
and 1001 lessons to be learned.

for there are always some pros and many cons,
when you're in a mixed crowd.

malam lepas balik tu,
tiba-tiba rasa homesick.

i miss the confinement of my own family
and close friends;
who thinks like i do,
who say things that i like,
who do things that i love.
and most importantly who remind me constantly of Him.

when you're in a crowd,
you realize that many forget about the One who's Watching.
and you also realize that you tend to forget along too.

bukan senang nak maintain kan?

other than that,
Notts Game was great. 
loved watching the basketball game + final football match.
tabik spring kat team Notts. ;)


ps: semua org happy dpt jumpe Dr MAZA kat notts game. 
ouh frust. dpt tgk dr jauh pn jadi lah. =,=''

i think this picture best describe me + games involving balls.
= cap ayam.
im okay with badminton though *wink*
by ~lionel19

yours truly,


Inche gabbana said...

dr. maza came to our PMS, back in 2008. may not agree with everything he said, but surely a noteworthy rendezvous indeed.

oh good stuff you have here. keep on writing inspirational things, for the benefit of the ummah.

salaam ziarah. ;)

izyan.ariff said...

@inche gabbana:

you mite think this is funny, but i never thought having an osem inche gabbana dropping a simple comment can boost a mere blogger's spirit so much.

i can only wonder how you manage to find this blog. mungkin inche osem cukup osem utk menziarah all his avid fans' blogs.

ape2 pun,
jazakallah for ur visit ;)
*and the smngt booster.hehe*

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