fix you

by ~KateTale
some say you can never really fix a broken heart,
i say Allah can fix any types of broken hearts; even the smashed ones. *wink* -chocLover

this post is a reply to anonymous :) at the chatbox.
in the name of Allah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim. with his Izin,
i will try to fix you :)

untuk awak,
who's feeling sad and distancing away from friends.
untuk awak,
who are braving something that many fears.
untuk awak,
who has been specially chosen by Him.

i listened to this song in this blog,
and some verses caught my ear.
"when you get what you want, but not what you need."

trust me, you may think that you're not getting what you want,
but Allah is actually giving exactly something that you need.
cuma kita je yang tak tahu.


once, i told my Abah; who despite his wiseness and know-it-all, still had his down-days. when business makes him all tired inside and out. and being the daughter, it's my responsibility to remind him;

that being a Muslim is the best gift one could ever ask for.
bila senang, kita tahu Allah yang bagi.
bila susah, kita tahu Allah yang bagi jugak.
in the end, it all goes back to Him.
which, is the one and only thing that we need to do in this short lifetime.
kembali kepada Dia.
we should be happy.


'repeat' 'resit' 'fail' 'compensate'; the common vocabs dreaded by many. but after 2 years in the medical field (er..studying that is, not working), i learn to accept that life now is full of unexpected things. no matter how much we want or dread certain things, if Allah has chosen it for us, the best and the right thing we should do is to make the best out of it. 

friends dropping out, resiting papers, repeating years, changing courses, heading back home etc. i pray for those who are facing all these; may Allah be with you through and through. and we all have heard of the saying that goes: "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger". and i truly believe that all hardships that Allah gave us are to strengthen us.

strengthening our keyakinan (assurance) in His Plans.
strengthening our tawakkal (trust) in His Plans.
strengthening our iman, 
for it's the only thing we're bringing back with us in the Afterlife.

when i feel down and low, or when i feel lost at times for the things that i'm doing, my Abah+Mama kept on reminding me that i should keep doing my job; which is to put my best effort forward; in anything that i do. and the truth is, the only thing that we can measure relatively is just our efforts. and the rest?  it is for Him to decide. all the endpoints are in His Hands. all the stories of how our life will proceed are all in His Plans. trust Him, i think that's what He wanted most from us.

untuk awak,
jangan sedih. Allah is actually giving you something that you need. it may not be exactly something that you want for your medical degree, but something that you need for your Afterlife degree. when on That Day, you were given a scroll to enter His Jannah; for your patience, for your effort, for your trust in Him while facing this small ordeal. ameen :)

at 17, i once faced some similar ordeal. when i didn't get something that i really want. but He Gave me something that i need first; which is my trust in Him. and once it was all over, when i even decided to let go of the thing that i want, He suddenly gave it to me. sweet tak? looking back, alhamdulillah is all i can say. He gave me what i need first before giving me what i want. :)

so trust Him, He has His ways of doing things. insyaAllah.

"Barangsiapa dikehendaki Allah kebaikan baginya maka ia diuji

(dengan musibah yang menimpa).” 

(HR. Al Bukhari)

yours truly,
trying to fix me and you ^,^


:) said...

terimakasih wpun takkenal.

saya sayang awak kerana Allah.
terima kasih :)

izyan.ariff said...

to :)

glad you read it. it's His help through this humble blog, insyaAllah.

take care dear ^^,

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