barakallahu fikum ;)

by ~solak11

it's that news again :)

dont know why,
have an overwhelming sense of happiness bila baca;
"jemputan ke walimatul urus...."

mendoakan yang terbaik,
kepada 2 orang yang sangat saya hormati.

checking my facebook home;
currently it's filled with congratulatory messages for them.

status kawan-kawan pun,
mainly about them. or about marriage in general.

ada yang gembira,
ada yang nak jugak,
ada yang tercabar ( guys. haha)
and yang macam 'nak nanges'. (girls). T,T

semua orang dah nak kahwin,
walaupun padahal dalam 1000 friends list tu,
ade 5 orang je yang baru nak kahwin.

so i guess it's a typical reaction,
because of our age,
and the confused hormones,
it feels like everybody is getting married. haha.
*peer pressure*

barakallahu fikum.
kepada mereka berdua.
and to close friends that are planning for next year
( i can see 3 in my head already) ;)

you guys are heading for the next phase of life.
semoga semua urusan dipermudahkan.
as happy+cute+sweet as it seems,
a lot of responsibilities are coming your way too.

i will follow suit too sooner or later, insyaAllah.
probably later by the looks of my very quite life right now. =,=''
hampeh? maybe.
trusting His Plans? very much.

so to many girls out there who im pretty sure are having this
"nak jugaakkk" syndrome.
no worries. put a smile and pray.
mintak Allah cepatkan sikit our Mr Right's pace.
hehe. *cheeky smile*

yours truly,
haih. call abah mama lah. :)

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