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i once felt like this last year. during kakak's wedding. when i went home alone, all the way from dublin to kelantan. the first time traveling home alone, with only kakak knowing about it (and mama which i only knew a little bit later). mainly to surprise everybody else. hehe. and i remembered i reached home at midnight. and i couldnt really sleep. and the next day was the veryyy hectic wedding. and i was up and awake. till the very next night. i was so perky. and i believe it was due to the overwhelming feeling im getting inside. and perhaps the rush of endorphin and adrenaline? heheh.

basically. im feeling it again. today. on my 2nd day of ramadhan.

i left home at about 9am. with everybody else. the day went by with so many things. basically kakak had been in labour. induced that is. i cant really go into details like how kakak underwent the whole day, but she's too busy to write anything as for now.hehe :)

so now im currently in kakak's room at the hospital. it was supposed to be a one night stay. but things has ended up differently so we may have to spend a few more nights here. hehe. but thankfully the internet is up and running. i feel like pouring everything in here! that's how excited i am!

basically i'll recap what happened simply (or not):

arrived at the hospital, 
kakak was induced, 
everybody ended up reciting the Quran, 
abah was a bit hesitant to go out and do some work but he just have to, 
i fell asleep on the couch, waking up sakit leher (huhu), 
and continue reciting Quran, 
kakak headed to the labour room, 
bagi semangat, and random rotations to stay with kakak takes place; 
only abe ammar, then only me, then only mama, then only abah, me and mama, abe ammar and me, mama and abe ammar, abah and abe ammar, me, and at one time everybody was in the labour room including lin. 
poor kakak, her contractions were getting stronger and stronger and she endured it for a good 8 hours. 
she was given painkillers during the final hours, and that seems to make her much better. 
i became the badut at times just to keep her mind off the pain. 
because at times she seems so helpless with it, and sometimes too scared of it too. 

but we all kept reminding her, that Allah has the power to make her not feel anything either. so the pain that she's facing is already the exact amount that Allah wants her to feel. Allah always Knows better kan?

but the 8 hours of only pain and no gain (hehe) leads to the doctor coming to us in the end at about midnight. saying that the baby's position is a bit off, thus she (yes, a she) cant really come out. huhu..poor baby **** (name is classified la dulu.hee. but it's very similar to kakak aifaa + abe ammar. and it means respectable) . anyways, so the doctor laid the only option for us which was undergoing surgery.

everybody's main aim was for kakak and baby's best option. so OT here we go! plus, kakak was already too weak cuz the 8 hours contractions had drained her.

since it was an emergency, the doctors didn't allow any of us to go into the OT, including abe ammar, (poor him) despite the original plan that everybody can be there if it's a normal labour (that explains the amount of us keluar masuk labour room) ps: it was soothing too, to see kakak's doctor reciting the quran first while waiting for the OT to be prepared.

so at 1a.m kakak went in. Ayah Di, Che Sa, and Che Ni (uncle aunt + friend) came by when kakak was pushed into the OT. abe ammar was so restless. everybody was. ps: did you know that when you're nerve-wrecked you can miraculously finished up 3 juzuk of al-Quran? i was reciting 'all-out' aiming nak khatam before the baby was born, and halfway through juz amar, just 15 minutes later, abe ammar who was standing restlessly outside of the OT said he heard the baby. and thus, my concentration falters.

i went back in the room, grabbed my camera and off we wait at the OT door. the rest is history.

comel sangat...T,T i was recording the whole time the baby was being cleaned by the nurses. and when abah and abe ammar tengah azan kat baby, it was too over-whelming. abah started of with salam and kalimah syahadah. felt amazed that this is one of the biggest rahmat by Allah, for a baby to be born as a muslim. the first thing she heard was salam from her mother, chains of takbir by the doctors in the OT (as kakak recalled her story) and the beautiful azan by her abah and abah tok. hee ;)

as of now, kakak is happily cradling her baby. all is well, i had loads of pictures and videos, but i dont think im able to post any of it now. for now she's all cute, and her voice is very perky. i kept laughing every time i hear her cry.

above all, thank you Allah. the One who always Gives the best to His hamba. may this event makes us even more close to you, and more thankful for the endless nikmat that You had Given us. till later. i have a niece i want to ogle at for the rest of the day. 

alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah.

yours truly,
a very busy aunty chik. ;P


rusnarusli said...

salam, subhanallah.
nikmat yg terbesar.. iman & islam.
jzklah sis~

[fathiyyah] said...

subhanallah :')

Anonymous said...

ok now i cried reading this ;p

omg msti aunty chik sibuk mbelek baby..alhamdulillah both are safe.

adilah ariff

Fazdlin Rahim said...



daniadanis said...

dear izyan,

this is kak adani..kawan kakak :) terharu sgt baca this entry and i start to fall in love with chocolatelover ;) kirim salam kakak keh..tell her that i (and all friends) cant wait to see the new mummy with her cute baby..tgk dlm gamba pun jadi lah hehe..congrates to kakak, and the whole family :)

Faten said...

Subhanallah, i'm crying

Tahniah kak aifaa, auntie yan (hehek) and the whole family.

izyan.ariff said...

to rusnarusli:
waiyyaki~ :)

to fathy:
miss you dear~

to dilah:
syangggg~~ jupo nanti syg! come by the house again if you can! ill be home this friday.

to lyn:
yep dear. alhamdulillah sums it all~ :')

to kak adani:
told kakak already. she says thank you.hehe :) and thank you for dropping by in here.hee~ salam ramadhan~

to faten:
haha...provoke bakal ibu2 mude sket.ngee :)
thank you syg~

budak said...

makcik yan!!!! haha

rahmat baru dlm keluarga :')

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