syahru al-Quran

Ramadhan is syahru al-Quran. it's when everybody keeps reciting al-Quran over and over again. despite hoping that some day i'm able to khatam al-Quran more than once in the holy month, i never reached twice eversince i was 14. *hadoy*

usually, the drive to keep me going is only i want to finish reciting it before that azan raya. when i was in my lower form, i remembered struggling to finish up 3-4 juzu' in a day during the final days, because i was way behind. and as the years passed, i improvised my method by finishing anything that is left before ramadhan, starting anew as soon as possible to make sure i'm at least 5-6 juzu' ahead on the first of ramadhan. why? yes sisters you guessed it right, because we have those few days where we will definitely be left behind. and that is a total bummer in this race against time.

and this year, the worst has happened as i hadn't finished up my recital before the Holy Month, but only on the 3rd day. nevertheless, i found a new drive this year. instead of just wanting to finish the recital of the Quran, i want to do it with someone else this year. Che (grandma) always tells me that when i was a baby, she recited the whole Quran with me on her lap. (no, not in one go. but fast enough. probably just in a week). i was very grateful for that, because in my simple imagination, i always think that everytime one recites the al-Quran, it sorts of create a protective layer around you. i kept imagining there's this invisible bubble around you that will keep all things bad away. so i really really want a huge bubble constantly around me, the house, around abah & mama, around my family, around anyone who's with me.

so, this year's Holy Month, i am more determined to recite the Holy Quran with Airaa alongside. and to make me more pumped up, i found this series in youtube, Koran by Heart. (caution: you will cry watching this. manly or not.). and my tiny heart cant help itself but wants my baby niece to be one who recites the Quran by heart when she grows up. and insyaAllah all her cousins-to-be too. well, i can always wish and pray for it right? and im pretty sure Allah is Listening right now. :')

this is my share of story. im pretty sure everyone out there has their own way of how they are making this a month of Quran, with so many different targets and aims. but the aim is not what makes you any high and mighty above others, but it's the effort that counts. for all i know, a person who's aiming to hafaz al-Quran and another who aims on learning to recite the al-Quran, might be the same in His Eyes, depending on the effort made. so the bottom line is, let's try our best okayh people? ok.

selamat bertadarrus.

selamat bertadabbur.

selamat menghafaz.

Daripada Abu Umamah al-Bahili r.a., katanya dia mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda, 
"Bacalah al-Quran kerana dia akan datang memberikan syafaat kepada pembacanya pada hari kiamat nanti..."
[HR Muslim]

airaa's morning session with aunty chik :) 

airaa's small hands + she sleeps mostly open mouthed. hadoy...i tried closing it to no avail.hehe.. :)

ps: finding myself more drawn towards anything home-related. especially now with a baby in the house. at moments, i get confused. is this a comfort zone, and am i too comfortable in it? or is it just me drawn into a Hawa's fitrah. but the thought usually just passes by, and i ended up comfortable being just busy with what im doing now. wallahua'lam. may Allah guide me in the right path, no matter how different it may be from others.

yours truly,
a still-busy Aunty Chik. :)


May Maisarah said...

Alolololo...so sweet la baby...nk hug dia boleh tak???? =))

syazana said...

To recite tu sendiri perlukan power yang lebih. Faktor2 environment contohnya. Orang lain duk landing tidur mestila rasa nak landing tidur berselimut dengan nyenyak sekali.

Tapi jadi perempuan lagi nak kena kerja lebih. Tak boleh buat 1juz per day sahaja. Nanti ada period days and all mulalah nak kalut ketinggalan banyak.

Kadang2 budaya recite ni usually datang dari rumah. I mean family. Alhamdulillah. Budaya berlumba-lumba zaman berhingus sebab nak compliment dari ayah dan arwah mak masih segar. Dan jadi tapak untuk berlumba cari jalan Dia sendiri. InsyaAllah berterusan.

I remember seeing you kat surau maktab dulu. I was aaah no wonder dia ni best student. Rajinnya baca quran. Ni tak tipu. True story.

But to those yang berinisiatif sendiri bagus kan. Hebat golongan yang ini.

And yes saya pun tahu perasaan fikir ada invisible layer protection tu. Kan? Kan? It's like no one can harm you kalau you kuat baca quran gitu. Bunyi supo naka but yes it is like that.

Bestnya niece awak dapat dengar bacaan tu hari-hari. Nanti mesti rajin macam aunty chik dia juge. Moga termakbul untuk dia recite by heart. It's gonna be beautiful.

Jom ngambak jom laling. Kalut ni! Moga kita-kita ini Dia lindung dengan protection shield sehabis mungkin (;

Inputnya iman. Proses dia kita yang laksana. InsyaAllah outputnya takwa.

syafiq ishak said...

so cute inside and outside. Insyaallah :)))

izyan.ariff said...

hehe.sgt geram tiap2 hari. best lo ade baby..T,T

ahh.syg. berbelah bagi perasaan bile bace ur comment ni. yg pasti. mau peluk kamu kuat2 la makcik. bile mau pulang? sgt mau jumpe before kepulangan.

ps: hati lg semangat. terima kasih cayang.

insyaAllah :)

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