of mengemas Dapur & Dosa

by =FiLH

Dapur (read: kitchen)

ask any girl, every one of them loves to see a pretty kitchen. with built-in cabinets, island stove, kayu jati dining table, cute stools, apron hanging nicely beside that huge cool 3doors fridge. :)

but like all dapur in the whole wide world, they are used constantly. everyday. paling kurang sekali sehari. from making simple meals, to buffets, the kitchen will eventually get dirty. 

and here comes the ladies, doing their job to clean it; (because we all know that guys just dont clean kitchen. bila da ada wifey la kan, if you guys are membujang you all have to do it too.) and the fact of the matter is, cleaning the kitchen is not just about washing the dishes and swiping the dining table; there is a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be done.

first group. those who couldn't care less about it. all they know is that it's where they stuff food supply. even if they cook, they would leave all the dirty pots in the sink. washing them only when they want to cook again the next time. and believe me, the next time can be anywhere between a week and a month. dont believe they exist? ask anyone who has lived with a mat-saleh.

second group. those who would do the basics. washing the dishes, and swiping tables and counters. sometimes when they are not in the mood, they just leave things piled up, and clean them whenever they think it's getting out of hands, or when they are in the mood for it. (and just like the normal distribution, most of us lies in this middle group.)

then the third group, (this is where my Mama came from =,='') who would always keep it clean. and clean the places that nobody actually notices. like the corner of the cabinet where some crisps are laying around, the bread crumbs under the toaster, minyak masak terpercik kat dinding, the inside of the fridge, the dishwasher, the microwave. to one extreme, even behind the stove! (of course this is not done on a daily basis, but regular enough to keep it clean).

and so i guess, which group we are in, all depends on how much we want the Dapur to be clean.

okay, what the heck is my point? im definitely not trying to talk about obsessive compulsive disorder or anything here.

but whenever i'm cleaning the kitchen, i realized how it totally resembles us living with sins. whether we like it or not, we are constantly making sins. some of us, just like the first group, sadly, just dont give a damn about cleansing our souls. sins are just sins. unlike dapur though, they don't stink in real life. remembered a quotation of a syeikh in one of his talk, which more or less goes about like this; if one could smell another's sins, nobody would sit next to each other. so true ain't it? 

the next group of people; are those who cleanses their sins occasionally. we would mingle with small sins, until up to a point we realize that we are drowning in them. and so, we would cry, and repent. and yes, soon enough, we mingle with the sins again and again. and this cycle never actually really stop.

and last but not least, the final group. the ones who look for their sins. like how they notices the dirt in the corner that everyone else does not notice, that's how they would notice the small sins that they are making. they would clean them ASAP, just like how they would ask Allah for forgiveness in their wrongdoings. constantly and continuously. 

and just like how people would label those who like a very clean kitchen as having an obsessive compulsive disorder, (ni kira memang bukan ada psychiatric disorder la. just people labelling) that's also how people would label those who worry about their sins as extremist. but guess what, we all are not living for people or for ourselves. but we are living for Allah. so if pleasing Allah will cause us to be called an extremist with an obsessive compulsive disorder; then i think we should all aim to be called just that. 

because those labels comes from doing something that Allah loves; 
which is to be sensitive to any kinds of sins, 
and sensitive to the bread crumbs in the corner of the kitchen. 

“Sesungguhnya mendapat kemenanganlah 
orang yang membersihkan (menyucikan) dirinya “

(read more: here)

yours truly,
a girl whose working hard 
to clean sins & bread crumbs :)


Anonymous said...

a comel dapur..nway, a nice reminder..thnx awak:)

Anonymous said...

Salam alayk.

Know what sis?

You never make me regret reading most of your posts. :)

Alhamdulillah, your words give me something to ponder about each and everytime.

Keep writing for the sake of Allah sis. May He bless you.

p.s: dont want to reveal myself for the time being as u dont know me pun (i think). ^^

izyan.ariff said...

to 1st anonymous:
'comel' la jgk. hehe. alhamdulilah, same2 awk :)

to 2nd anonymous:

alhamdulillah it's all from Him ;)
glad you enjoyed it.
doakan sy.hehe.

ps: mysterious.hehe ^^,

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