the thing everybody's talking about lately.

yep. that thing. from the B to the H. there are different perceptions, different ideas here and there. many talked about it, but ended up in heated arguments instead; me no likey. reading comments already left me all tired.  coward i might be, but that's just my nature. in the end, i think the most important thing is bersihkan hati. kan? but everything happens for a reason. and all i can do is pray that Allah is watching over Malaysia and it's people. ameen.

here's 2 videos that caught my attention; but don't necessarily show my stand. cuz i dont know the story from both sides, so i dont wanna talk much. i can only pray untuk yang terbaik. wallahu'alam. 

ps: but some things just cant be denied. haih...we lack common sense. =,=''

yours truly,
budak suka ambik jalan mudah. T,T

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