i love you, err..ron weasley ;)

dont know why.
these two pictures are very veryyy much heart-warming.
missed those times when i first heard of HP series in standard 6.
and started reading the first 3 books despite them being on the shelf for a few years already.
and finding myself getting very much hooked to it.
the excitement of seeing flashes of my imaginations on the TV; the first trailer.
the guilt yet excitement when abah searched for the book constantly when the new ones are out. 
(susah nak cari buku ni kat kelantan for the 4th and 5th book)
when i cried on my bed when Sirius died, in the 5th book.
the very short time i took to finish the books. (i'm amazed too sometimes)
the fact that i can remember details of the story even after so many years. (why cant medicine be like that?huhu)

i am a harry potter fan at 13, 
and at almost-22 i still am. ^^,

yours truly,
one who has a crush on ron since Book One :)


lonelysoldierboy89 said...

remembered the old days..that's what keep us moving forward=)

izyan.ariff said...

:) so true~

nil said...

me too.. i luv ron weasley too

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