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took longer for me to write  a post today. tak biase with the new layout blogger has to offer. thought i was in the wrong web or something just now. now that i'm over the excitement of having a look around the new blogger, i'd like to share something that i learn this morning. i was listening to mama's idol earlier, kind of like a celebrity crush or something. in a good way that is. hehe. it was just another recap of one of her talks before; and the same word came across me; just like the first time i listened to the radio show. it's reassurance.

so after some introductions, there will be this session where callers came in, and i don't know why, but for this particular topic, many called with so many problems, they were even crying too; some had problems with family members, some with work, some couldn't cope with death, some felt teraniaya and so on.

alhamdulillah for her, i think Allah had granted her a gift; the confidence in her voice, is enough to keep you going. and i realized one thing. among the callers, most of them if not all; already know the answers to the questions they posed. because, in my opinion, and take this positively because i have no intention of belittling anyone; i think that most of the answers Prof Muhaya had given are things that they all already know of. some even answered a bit while posing their questions. the answers include things like; we have to be ikhlas, ask for God's help, pray  a lot, jaga solat, husnuzon, buat baik kepada orang lain and the list goes on.

But, the confidence and the assurance behind her message, is what makes her special; is what, in my opinion, are what the listeners are looking for. she is someone who tells another straight away what we should and shouldn't do. and she's someone who is so positive that it's hard for you to say NO to. i pray that all goes well for her, she'd been an inspiration to many, and a big help too, insyaAllah.


and so reassurance, i believe, is the thing in question now. so many out there, find assurance in the things that they do through readings, and experiences. so we know it's right. but the thing that us human need, especially in times of need, is definitely reassurance. to know whether what we are doing is not just right, but REALLY is the right thing. 

that's why you have your family, or your bestfriend or anyone for that matter. even blogging. like what im doing now, im writing something down, and seeing others' comments and likes, gives me the reassurance that ok, im not blabbing on the wrong stuff here. (does that mean those with 0 comments and 0  likes are wrong? ok. now i know. lol)

anyway, my point is, reassurance is something that many need in their everyday lives. and i guess in a way it shows that in practicing islam, we need jemaah. we need others around us, who have the same aim with us insyaAllah; which is to be an a'bid, and a khalifah.

but all the while knowing, the best of those who can give you assurance is the All Watching from above. :)

Nabi SAW bersabda, “…Hendaklah kamu hidup berjemaah dan janganlah berpecah-belah, kerana syaitan itu menyertai orang yang bersendirian, sedangkan terhadap dua orang ia lebih menjauh. Barangsiapa yang menginginkan tengah-tengah syurga maka ia hendaklah menetapi jemaah.” (Riwayat Tirmidzi)


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