sape kate tak tau?

translated: who says we don't know?

sipping nescafee during my supper with mama. having small talks in the kitchen with her, talking about the day i guess. but i couldn't quite remember what we were talking about but we ended up talking about solat.

**translated version again, if i write it in Kelate i guess many wont comprehend.heheh.**

mama : there's a lot of people out there who perform prayers only when they feel like it.
yan    : pelik le yan. dont they feel anything? guilty ke ape ke? dont  they know it's dosa besar?
mama : of course they knew. but it's the same like us. we know how best Qiyamullail is, how Allah love those who woke up at night for Him, tapi berape orang je bangun?


that left me in awe. of mama's way of thinking, as well as of how true it is. everybody is the same. i guess we all knew a lot of things. but doing it is the main problem.

doa allah bagi kekuatan. 

yours truly,
one who loves her mama much. ;)

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