jahil-yah! (part 3)

and this will be my last one i guess. since basically jahil-yah is a too broad topic. ranging from all sorts of actions that one can do. so it's not satisfying enough for me to share my thoughts on something, while just writing the title as 'jahil-yah'. 

and to a dear friend amalina osman, thank you for having a look at those videos.huhu :) here goes. caution to readers:  the video contains explicit images. and very much unsuitable for pregnant ladies (especially a certain someone who's blood-related to me and 7 months pregnant) ~~

note: video is not related to the post :)


have a lot on my mind, now that im back home in malaysia. there are so many things that kept me thinking and wondering and reflecting; and while suppressing the feeling to hit my own head at times. ~sigh~

but time as usual, is not on my side. with huge family events taking place one after another; i am very much occupied with family time. thus, i could only share my thoughts with them. which is not bad at all. but a tiny part of me feels like it's a waste to not be able to share them with random anonymous people out there. (no matter how lame my thoughts might be). :P

ouh and for now, 2 huge events had passed. along's majlis kesyukuran at aunty's new house went smoothly. :) so happy that aunty is happy. ^^, and kak nini has given birth to a very cute baby girl (tengok kat handphone) which i will be seeing later tonight insyaAllah. heheh. *ok, im guessing nobody cares who got married and who gave birth to whom huh? ampun pak.*


here's my thought for the day.

i realized how easy the mouth is able to say unrighteous things when it is around people.
how easy for it to chirp into conversations that it doesn't even know where the source is from. truth ke tak?
how easy for it to hurt others' feelings.
how easy for it to find faults in others.
how easy for it to talk about others.
how easy for it to blame others.
how easy...

sometimes you're just caught in the situation.
where you realized where the conversation are heading to.
and you're having this war inside of you, a.k.a serba-salah of what you should actually do.
there are the choices of joining the conversation; or be dead silence; or cakap kuat2 astaghfirullahal'azdim.

the last one will definitely be the hardest part aint it? but we are big enough now to know, that He is far more important than what the people around us would think of us. and it might be hard, especially when the ones involves are not your friends or your juniors who you can lightly tegur. but you just have to try your best in doing what is right. it's hard. but it's right.

and what's burdening is that the choice of nak buat ke tak is always ours to make.

"Seorang muslim adalah seseorang yang orang muslim lainnya selamat dari ganguan lisan dan tangannya”"
(Riwayat Bukhari & Muslim)

yours truly,
si lidah yang tak terjaga elok lagi. =,=''


Anonymous said...

miss izyan..i've been a silent reader for quite some time tp baru skang tergerak nak komen..hehe~..
ur video is really meaningful!! good job sis! may we always continue to struggle in getting rid of our jahiliyyah..insyaAllah..

-k hannah-
p/s..mehla dtg tgk kitorang di sini.hehe.

izyan.ariff said...

@ kak hannah:

hehe..jzkk for reading ^^, and for watching the video too. doakan ur sis here.heee

insyaAllah :) nti bile gi penang sure2 lawat! hehe

kakak yg tak boleh tengok video said...


on several things. -_-"

i guess bila dah ramai+penat+talking nonsense..syaitan pun happy to join in and bakar lagi perasaan nak melalut tu.hehe.

love u syg.

izyan.ariff said...

to kakak:

heheh. we'll work on it together wont we? cuz we aim on jannah together2 kan?

btw, u DID NOT watch the video kan? assuming u didnt. klo tak surely call yan doh nanges2 or anithing. hehe.

love you too. ^^,

Khodijah Fatonah said...

This really bring tears to my eyes. Subhanallah Yan, insya'Allah, Allah counts each of our efforts, sungguh, kadang2 rse susah payah and everything, tapi takpe, kite berusaha sme2 perbaiki diri sendiri and org2 yang kite syg. Insya'Allah

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