jahil-yah (part 2)



most of the time, we already have the answers to many of our questions, back in our head. but we kept asking out load, to listen to others answering them for us. repeating the answers to our face.

like the guy in the video, i already know the answer to a particular question that i hate most. why am i still with the snail-pace? while others are running like tigers?

i guess i am still tightly bounded to all things that are dragging me down. most of them i know of, but only some of them that i have completely gotten rid of. 

alhamdulillah for the big ones that Allah has helped me baling jauh2 dalam pekat malam; but there are still these small ones that are tightly bounding me. habits. i have grown accustomed to. habits that brings me nowhere near Him. habits. small habits. reading useless things. talking about useless things. watching useless things. none that i can bring as my *bentoBox* to my hear-after.

bosan dengan diri sendiri.

tapi Allah tak pernah bosan menunggu.

yours truly,
malu dengan Dia.


Amal Osman said...

Salam alaik yan...
i love ur 'untitled' vid, i think u should post it in ur blog...
du u get chance to show it during calling of freedom?

izyan.ariff said...

:) yan gi calling of freedom halfway je dear. cuz i went to UK in the evening.

so didt know the girls played it or not.huhu~ jzkk dear ^^,

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