checked my facebook just now. and on my homepage popped quite a cool statement from a fellow Facebook friend, which i guess causes quite a stir around the homepage. seeing the boys quoting one another lagi. *had a good laugh for a minute*

but i guess to a certain extent it's true. oh, ape statement tu?

"dont be a man who needs a girl. but be a man a girl needs."

pergh. ayat legend. but truthfully, we have thought of this before kan? or maybe even heard of it once kan? 

**on a  lighter note, im guessing my friends back home would say; ape hal budak2 overseas ni? status kawin je memanjang. but i guess these status are coming from those who opt to not have any relationships that leads to all things lagho. so in my opinion they are eligible to convey their thought about marriage out loud. ye lah. way better than posting pictures of you and your baby-boo what-not in the car heading to whatever cinema around and eating and shopping and all the boring stuff.***

back to my point, somehow this lead me to an explanation from an ustaz in one of the programmes earlier this year. he elaborated a bit about a hadith (which i think many have heard of, but maybe in a different context) which is:

“Antara tanda hari kiamat ialah ilmu semakin sedikit dan kejahilan semakin banyak, zina akan berleluasa, wanita semakin ramai dan lelaki semakin kurang sehingga 50 wanita hanya dilindungi seorang lelaki.” 
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim).

the famous ratio. 50:1. wow. and mostly we heard of this hadith in relation to the polygamy what-not. (ok i dont know much about that issue, so we leave it at that). anyway, what interest me was what the ustaz said. he said the ratio doesn't literally means that the amount of men around will be small; on the contrary there may be more if not similar to the number of women around. but the hadith refers to the amount of lelaki beriman that have the capability to be THE PROTECTOR of the women. that, is what's lacking; down to the ratio of 50:1. 

scary ain't it? when men lose sense of being a protector of the family. i thought of Abah. just having him around feels like everything is going to be alright. that everything is safe. the feeling of a kid being tucked in the blanket at night and you know it's okay eventhough it's dark cuz your parents are both there. that's how safe i feel just having Abah around. i guess that's how a man should be. when he's able to provide this sort of feeling to those he is responsible to. and to think that this is lacking in many men out there, gives me the creeps. i wonder how many people actually hate their fathers? or perhaps dont even know them because they were abandoned? belum masuk lagi part abusive fathers etc. 

so legend tak legend statement tu, it's the truth. and it goes the same for girls too. definitely. when men gives a sense of protection to the family, we should give a sense of warmth in the family. that's our responsibility. *teringat mama pulak* :)

and to think that many of us make the mistakes, of worrying bile la nak kene pinang (or dipinang), worrying who our future Mr/Mrs Right will be? target tu target ni. jealous orang tu orang ni. we somehow forget about how much effort we are putting on preparing ourselves, for all the responsibilities that comes with it? 

we may never be perfect. we will never be totally ready. but aim on being the best and as perfect as you can be to make your other half feels lucky, is way better than just sitting around waiting for a Mr/Mrs Right coming to fetch you. 

and wallahua'lam, kot2 tak sempat pun for us to reach that stage of life that we talk so much about; so Love Him first, and then you can consider to love another. Love Him, by doing our best in fulfilling our responsibilities, and love another, with  the Love that He Put in our hearts. always remember, cinta itself is His to Give, so why the rush?


yours truly,
buat post makan diri. =,=''


Harishah Halim said...

kak yan.. this is a really nice one. :)

but to be honest, kita nampak ramai je org sekeliling kita berusaha jd baik (lelaki). lg2 yg study overseas. maybe my circle of friends yg mcm tu. wallahualam.

dont worry akak.. ingat janji Dia? (24:26)


izyan.ariff said...


hehe. jzkk dear. byk je. overseas maybe npk obvious sket due to the close-knit community. malaysia pn xkurg. dgr IKIM rmai je .hehe.

haha ^^, ingat2. jazakillah dear ;)

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