jahil-yah! (part 1)


just thought of making a creative title for the post. jahiliyyah is what i'll be talking about, but jahil-Yah (mentally kicking the jahiliyyah away) is what i am hoping to be doing. istiqamah insyaAllah.

i decided for it to have many parts, for i just feel that this would be an ongoing topic. my thoughts had been randomly circling about jahiliyyah eversince i hit the exam week. so much things to write. but of course i did not have much time to sit and rearrange my thoughts on the issue; nak cover the abundant facts of pathologies, physio and pharmacologies what-not lagi. hampeh =,=''

and to prove that i have been meaning to share my thoughts about it, i found one short entry in my drafts. i didn't actually remember when exactly i made this one. i didn't even know it existed! it's a short one for a starter. hopefully with my-very-lacking-self talking about this, will help you and i in kicking out the jahiliyyah that we have within us, be it a big, or a small portion of it. insyaAllah.


jahiliyyah; as quoted from wikipedia's:

is an islamic concept of: "ignorance of divine guidance" or "state of ignorance of Guidance from God" and the origin of the word is 'yajhalu' which means "to be ignorant or stupid, to act stupidly". and here is the chronology of what the word meant to me as i grew up, becoming the woman i am today (woman? lols. not yet. just a girl at heart)

1996: jahiliyyah is the pre-Islamic era, before the revelation of al-Quran to our Prophet SAW.  referring to the Arabs who did really bad things like killing their baby girls, treating women like dirt, stealing stuff, drinking wine, the poor were oppressed, the rich were those with bulging tummy having a big hearty "HAHAHA" all the time.

*vaguely, im guessing this definition got stuck with me through the whole life in sekolah rendah.*

2002-2006: manage to widen the scope of my definition. jahilliyah coming from the word, jahil. which means = not knowing, oblivious, tak tahu. thus, my tiny brain relates to the definition i had grown up with. which means the Arabs back then, they didnt know the existance of Allah and Islam, thus this explains the bad things they did. and they are all jahil which makes their era jahiliyyah. voila!

2009: jahiliyyah= anything that doesn't represent Islam. anything. from the smallest things, to the biggest of things. if it's something that doesn't increase your level of iman, then it's jahiliyyah. oouh.

astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah. astaghfirullah.

yes, seems like it goes back to Wikipedia's definition just now. jahiliyyah is something that doesn't bring us any closer to Him. wallahua'lam. but to me, this definition alone, eliminates a whole lot of things in my life. astaghfirullah. to think that there are so many things in my life that drag me away from Him. Forgive me ya Allah. for i am a weak being, who deeply wants to get rid of all things wrong. but i need Your Help. for you are the One who will give me the strength to give it all up.

some may say, bosan ar kau ni. habis sume bende nak jahiliyyah. segale bende nak buang. segale bende tak boleh buat. but that's just the truth. as much as it hurts, accept it if you want to be closer to Him. wallahua'lam.

here's some quote for today:

"aim at perfection in everything, 
though in most things it is unattainable.
However, they who aim at it, will come much nearer to it,
than those whose laziness and despondency 
make them give it up as unattainable."

yours truly,
rase macam hati bengkak banyak bende hampeh *haih*


hishammahir said...

"if it's something that doesn't increase your level of iman, then it's jahiliyyah."

haih.. banyakkkkkk lagi nak kena buang (-_-")

jzkk for the reminder sis.

izyan.ariff said...

same here. but i guess it's a weakness Allah already Knows. mtk doa byk2.

jzkk for droppin by. :)

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