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so i watched a trail of videos of these American soldiers speaking up. and at the same time watching videos of those who couldn't care less as well. as much as those out there are having misconceptions about us Muslims, we are also having misconceptions about these group of soldiers. however noting the difference, that there are only a small number of not-so-good Muslims who are leading people to be prejudiced about our Deen. Whilst them having only a small number who are brave enough to step up and admit the horrifying things that they had been forced to do in the war; admitting that they are the ones terrorising the people; while the majority of them are enjoying killing innocent civilians out there. yes, enjoying themselves. watch the videos, you can listen to their low-inhumane-stupid-cow-poop-level-conversations of wanting to shoot people. how easy killing is for them.

after watching the videos i cant really concentrate on Marfan's syndrome or any gene therapy. there's this huge burden overwhelming me suddenly. and as much as i hate this part of me, but it's true. the feelings that i'm feeling, most of the time is temporary. because in the end i will forget again, caught up with my own life. wallahua'lam. i can cry myself out, and feel like my heart are going to explode everytime i watch these videos, but that  doesn't help one bit. so while i'm in this temporary mode of wanting to do something, might as well do it now.

so this is my call to you; 
spread these videos.

it's the least we can do along with our prayers to them. (which i doubt most of us would remember. nak doa 5 minit untuk family sendiri pun tak buat, let alone praying for those in Afghanistan, Iraq etc)

if we have the time to spread videos of the 90s vloggers, spreading songs that you are enjoying currently, spreading what korean dramas? koreans songs? spreading some not-that-funny-jokes from Raja Lawak or something, then why can't we have the time to spread these instead? the media is biased most of the time. so while we have this chance to spread it to everyone, unbiased, DO it. people said that the social network is one of those strong factors that lead to Egypt's revolution, so why not apply it to this one too? let others see this truth. Americans or not. Muslims or not. 

we may understand this issue based on what our religion has taught us, but they might understand too based on the common sense that they have within them. so spread these. it's the least we can do. at least for now.


go to Youtube and watch the other links too.

one who wants to be AWAKE 24/7 :'(

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