a simple reminder

this post is a deep reflection i had today with Mukhlisin. it's something that we have always spoken of, but we forget most of the time. like we always did. dont be too quick to judge. let's go through it together. as much as i have been affected by it today, i want others out there to feel the same way too. may Allah Guide us to be better and closer to Him. 

bear with me; for this is a simple reminder for myself, and you too. insyaAllah.

tomorrow is Friday. if you knew that tomorrow is Qiamat. what would you do?

solat banyak-banyak.
minta doa Allah ampunkan semua dosa kita.
tell everybody around you as many as you can, that it's the last day.
minta maaf dengan semua orang.
try and be with your loved ones.
settlekan hutang.
etc. etc. etc.

so basically these are the things that we will do. these are our priorities. no one can deny it. i bet everyone who got this question will have the same kind of answers. you may have some additions here and there. right?  try answering it seriously and truthfully. 

but here is another question. where are all the things that we normally do go? and some of them are things that we called priorities too. betul tak?

nak baca buku.
nak makan.
nak beli barang keperluan.
nak attend tutorials. nak tulis status facebook. nak tulis blog.
nak travel. nak attend tournament. nak hangout at the new restaurant in town dengan kawan.

have any of those things we do, included in the answers we had for the first question?

"no. because if esok Qiamat, takkan la nak study?"

so. studies are not our priorities anymore like we have always said so. and so are all the other things. if so, then why are we doing it in the first place? if we know and yakin that Qiamat can come anytime. Forget Qiamat; lets take another example of Qiamat kecil which is death. we know that it can happen anytime; maybe next week, or tomorrow, or in 5 hours time,or in 30 minutes,or in 5 minutes...so why are we doing all these things that we dont even consider as our priorities? why are we not putting those first answers as our priorities? why are we not praying hard? why are we not asking for forgiveness?

"err..so maksud die tak payah study? kene solat taubat sampai bengkak kaki?"

no. think deeply. the point here is not about labelling things that you should and shouldn't  do. but the main question here is why are we considering all those things as not our priorities instead? why are we doing them, if we dont even want to do them if we know death is approaching? what makes it any different?

the point im trying to make here is, our niat. we have to understand that death is always approaching us. everyday it is taking a step closer towards us. some are 5 years away. some are 2 days away. some are seconds away. thus, every single thing that we do everyday, should always be a priority for us. what makes it a priority? when we know that if we die doing any of it, we wont have any regret doing it. because we know that we are doing it for the sake of bringing it with us to akhirat. those, are what priorities are all about.

and it's what Islam taught us to do. to always do things, with akhirat in mind. remember the hadith?

Hazrat Ibne Umar (Radiyallahi~A nhu) says: "I was one among ten people who came into the presence of Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). One Ansari stood up and asked Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam):
"Who is the most intelligent 
and careful person?" 
Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) replied: 
"Those people who remember death most and prepare for it most. These are people who have excelled in the nobility of this world and the honour of the hereafter."
 [Tabraani, Jaamious Sagheer, Ibne Maajah, Targheeb]

the things we do everyday; every single one of them, from the moment you opened your eye, till the moment you closed them back again, should have always been ones that are your priorities. the things that you should never have regretted should you die doing it.

of course it all goes back to your niat. how well are we able to relate the things that we do,  solely to seek His Pleasure. solely to seek His Redha. if we are able to do so, then insyaAllah, Jannah is the prize that is waiting.

so why wait for signs of Qiamat? why wait for signs of death? when you know that it can happen in a blink of an eye? priorities should be renewed everyday. our priorities should always be to fulfil the point of our creation.

to be an abid. to be a khalifah.

we all know this already. we just need to be reminded. like Quran has always been One to remind us. over and over and over again.

"Maha suci Allah yang telah menurunkan Al-Furqaan (Al-Qur’an) kepada hambaNya, agar dia menjadi pemberi peringatan kepada seluruh alam"


yours truly,
one who wishes to remind others as much as she is being reminded by others.


cHemPakA daNiSh said...

thanks for the reminder....ouhhh,rase macam insaf sikit...ini bermakna kite kena bykkn beribadat start skang kan???entri macam nie pon,insyaallah,boleh kasik pahala kat blogger~~

izyan.ariff said...

to chempaka danish:

yep ;) start skrg insyaAllah. sgt2 tuju kat diri sendiri yg oways lupe.huhu.

jazakillahu khair for the doa. :)

Harishah Halim said...

kak izyan, thanks for the reminder. a good post, alhamdulillah.

yes, niat tu sgt penting. kalau tak, takkan lah hadis 'innal a'malu binniat' disusun sbg hadis yg pertama dlm hadis 40, kan? :)

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