spring camp :)

click play please :)
(ouh.and sorry cuz you have to turn off my blog's background song first)

just thought of promoting it in here. despite the hectic exams, the moving out, the presentation, masalah hati; i have a programme im looking forward to. will be meeting sisters that care more about me than their own selves. funnily, we grew up thinking that everybody in this world has their own agenda. that if they do good deeds then they want something in return. but we know now it's not it. well, at least for those who did it for Allah.

as for today's reflection: just work hard on helping others. sometimes things don't work out, even the exact opposite of what you planned. but at least on The Day He'll be Asking you about your actions, you'll be able to say; i tried. 

Allah Maha Mengetahui.
somehow knowing this makes it all okay.

yours truly,
one who is very much thankful for how things turns out.

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