okay. truthfully i dont even know what the title post meant. =,='' and this is quite a pointless post. ^^,

so tomorrow i have another exam. and as usual, in the midst of studying i have this overwhelming urge to post something. so here goes;

im pretty much lazy lately, so i made soup most of the time.
and here's when i was hungry, so i took the already-cooked-soup,
rebus spaghetti and masuk kicap.
*and i know this picture doesnt look particularly delicious. to the point of eww.
but i was already eating it when i took it.hee* 

 thank you to iman & add.
for talking about mugcakes in their tweets and blogs. 
abis craving tak pasal2 :)

and here goes me digging into it.
5 minutes chocolate-mug-cake. 
my new comfort food.hehe 

told you im into soup ;) and brown-bread.
and im a nescafee-junkie. i drink it almost everyday.
to the point of having no effect by it whatsoever.
i know it's not good , but i'm just not that into Milo.

oatmeal + some chocolate rice
tried another mug-cake today in  5minutes.
didnt have any cocoa powder. but i had some instant oatmeals that i cant eat cuz it tastes bad.
so now that i'm able to turn it into a yummy mug-cake im so happy :) 
tiada pembaziran anymore. (padan muka syaitan.woot2)

ouh. did i tell you im on diet?lol~

do pray for me and friends. semoga dipermudahkan. 
happy studying everyone!


Pisey said...

the nescafe part; saya juga macam tu sayang. haha. dah tak ada efek apa-apa. makin seronok nak tidur kadangnya.

nak mugcake!

izyan.ariff said...

pisang syg :) kannnnn~
sgt la. nescafee tu bhaye.wuwu

boleh.klate ak buatttt :) i cant wait to go back and gi pantai with u n bie ^^, this time ado camera sendiri doh. heheehehehe

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