test tapi bukan exam

it's amazing how Allah test us sometimes. things that we never thought of. the things that we were prepared for did not happened. the things unplanned did happened. someone said before, "niat tak menghalalkan cara." true. but do they know all the 'cara' we had thought of and worked on behind their backs? No. only Allah Knows. but if I were to convince others, than there's no end point to it. i should be convincing Him, and only Him instead. enough to know that i tried everything i could. that things happened for a reason. and what's best, Allah Maha Adil, Maha Mengetahui. we can plan all sorts of things, but Allah is always the Best Planner still. and He Planned for us to learn something, for us to be better. no matter how ugly the situations might be. 

this made me smile somehow. how lucky we Muslims are. we could be smiling in the worst situation. because we know the situations themselves came from Allah, and He would never Leave us terkontang-kanting. we believe in Qada' & Qadar. we believe in usaha & tawakkal. it doesnt apply only in exams kan? it applies in every aspect of our lives.

and the ultimate best part is;
all things belongs to Allah. 
and we just have to raise our hands and ask of Him.
He has always been there for us. what more are we asking for?

oh. forgiveness.
from others and Him.

yours truly,
the one who have no regrets.

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