and so today i went to KB Mall with abe. for the 2nd time in this 3months-long holiday. (yes, that's how rare i went out. i do go out, following mama and abah around, only to be in the backseat playing my part as the entertainer and pentazkirah.haha)

anyways, yes. the best brother in the whole wild world (hehe) came back yesterday. he didnt plan on surprising anybody like he did a few weeks back, since he wanted to come back so much. yup, this year would be abe's longest raya-holiday. me, *ehem2* being the partial reason. (da nak balik Dublin on 3rd day of raya). huhu. however, us (abah mama and lin) managed to suprise him with Che Putih instead. took every ounce of our acting talent to fool him at first. it worked! 

ok. back to story. so i went out with abe to buy myself my very own external hard-disc. i dont trust myself buying it alone, cuz i might just end up with a green one. so i need abe since he'll definitely know better. so the whole time all i did was pick the prettiest one, and abe would ask the right questions to the sales-guy consisting of words like "warranty..dale..luar..." all things i dont comprehend. even with abe just now, i still managed to buy myself a white-green mouse. (hehe)

ok. now im really going to the point of the story. so i was walking with abe, and abe being himself, a very protective brother does things that he always does; waiting up for me to buy other things i want, paying for some of them too (ATM ramai orang. will pay back if ingat.heheh), gosok-gosok kepala asking what else i want and etc; yes. he's very much like abah. so this is when my mata caught some mata-mata. first, falling on me, then straight away will continue towards abe, and will go back-and-forth. so i was a bit uneasy. in a sense, that i might send the wrong message towards them. 

for one; budaya couple is something that really needs to be stopped.

so i was uneasy. perasan sendiri? mungkin. up till i met my aunty and cousins along the way. i stopped by. salam-salam. and they were like. "la yan ngan nan ke? macam girlfriend boyfriend doh tengok tadi". see. told you so.

but as i continued walking with abe,  i realized that these are all just people. i shouldn't be worrying at all of what others might think. for what matters most would be the Eye. (no, not the one in LOTR) but the Eyes of our Creator right? He's the one who's always Watching. and i should be worrying about what He is Seeing instead. at KB Mall or not. and for all i know, i was happily tagging along my beloved abe. halal jer~

still, i ended up lowering my gaze so not to meet any mata-mata. perasan sendiri pun tak elok jugak. ;) 

*in Madinah last year. went inside a shop and abe found
a chocolate box with his name. tapi balik2 kotak pecah.kesian*

"Verily, Allâh knows the unseen of the heavens and the earth.
 And Allâh is the All-Seer of what you do."



iman k.a said...


yan, iman pun kalau jalan dengan abang iman, mesti rasa tak selesa kalau orang pandang-pandang.. nanti jalan jauh-jauh sikit hehe..

but its true you know, the part where you said,

"i shouldn't be worrying at all what others might think for what matters most would be the Eye.."

because we as human beings tend to please people more instead of our Creator.. mungkin sebab reaction orang kita nampak, and reaction Allah we don't.. cuba kalau kita nampak.. ;)

takpe yan, elok la tu jalan-jalan dengan abang.. mengeratkan silaturrahim :)

selamat berbuka!

- iman

izyan.ariff said...

salam iman.

kan kan? ive thought that many ppl actually experience this. tp betul kan our normal reaction wud be to stray away sket2.hehe..

tp yg betul2 salah surely tak jauh2 lak. haih~~

like ur point dear. reaction org kite nampak. in my case the mata2 la kan? but His Reaction kite tak consider. lots to change. may He Grants us all more time.

ramadhan pn da nk pegi..:'(

Adilahdarmawi said...

dlu2 mcm tu. Luckily me and my brother muka mcm seiras sket.

Looking at the good side, it turns out xde orang berani nak kacau. Senang kan?

Salam Raya yan! =)

p/s: Hai iman! =p

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