to fellow readers

im not exactly sure why im writing this. 
but to a certain extent i think i need to explain myself.wuwu. 
so this morning my sister called me (very early)
saying that one of the pictures i posted in my blog 'changed'
in one of the previous post
she kindly and hectically wanted my password and all
cuz she didnt want me to delete it myself
since she didnt even want me to even look at the picture.
so to anyone who HAD come across with it,
im really sorry if this blog indirectly dah kotorkan pandangan mata anda.
from what i can guess, it's not a good picture to look at.
huhu... my mistake, since i just copied the image URL randomly..
so do understand that it's got NOTHING to do with me. 
ill try and be more careful with the pictures i copied.
no more copying URL for me.
my mistake too for not even acknowledging the source.

ps: web. it's definitely a scary world out there. (sob2)

sorry  :(


Anonymous said...

hihi =)

eL said...

just wanna say don't worry too much. i believe everybody knows (they should have known) that it has nothing to do with you and things like this happen all the time. maybe constantly change your password might help. :)

izyan.ariff said...

to anon: ^^,

to eL: thanx for the tips. heheh. posted this entry just to be on the safe side. who knows, ppl who dont know me might just think otherwise. thanx 4 droppin by, btw. :)

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