tak faham pun..

tapi suka.
tak faham pun..
tapi rasa tenang.

i think ive written a fact about me in one of my old posts: i love music. i might sing along to the latest songs in the radios, but my all-time-favorite songs would always be slow songs; slow rock..ballads..etc. lately, im into korean songs; all their slow tunes, soft ballads. im into them. i dont understand one word of what they're saying, but the song itself; the melody, the words; seems to fall into place. Their songs definitely influence my mood at times. Some days, even the sky seems brighter whenever i listen to them while walking back from the classes. heheh. *rase cam dalam video clip pun ade jugak..*

thus, same goes to alQuran. i might not understand much when im reciting it, *except the time when i read the terjemahan.huhu*. but to me, reciting it or listening to someone else's recital, is enough to lift my mood up.. is enough to make my heart more settled. if you dont believe me, try not reciting it for 3 days in a row. Your moods deteriorate, you keep doing many things but you will feel empty and tired inside, your hati somehow seems to be busuk most of the time: cepat marah, tak tolong orang lain, bersangka buruk, mulut tak jaga what-not. *err..this is a combination of my own experience as well as my observations on others*

basically what im saying is: bacalah alQuran everyday. instead of watching the never-ending entertainment that YouTube has to offer you. 

we will never know if today would be our last day of this 
short journey that He gave us.
wouldn't it be sad, if it were to end with things that aren't for Him?



kakak said...

such a beautiful reminder yan.
i love you~

efa (",) said...

yup..so true dear.. =D

izyan.ariff said...


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