wishful thinking

whenever i walk
i wish it is always to a place that brings me close to Him
instead of places that ends up making me tired and empty, inside and out..

whenever i eat
i wish that i eat accordingly and thankfully
instead of thinking of what other delicacies should i be enjoying myself in the next few hours!!

whenever i am bored
i wish i would straight away perform solat sunat, or recite the Quran
instead of clicking the YouTube channel and watch all the korean dramas

whenever i talk
i wish that nice words would always come out of me, 
words that will make people happy thus making Him happy,
instead of the useless stories of music or movies 
or any shows that i have watched..

whenever i read,
i wish that it will always be a good book or a good tazkirah
instead of novels that slowly yet surely penetrates my mind 
with stupid things like romance what-not..

whenever i talk to a friend
i wish i will always talk to them about us becoming better as a Muslim
instead of talking about the not-quite-trivial things about life..

whenever im writing a post in my blog,
i always wish that i would change a whole lot faster..
because at times, i am scared of the time i'm left with..
at times, i am tired of questioning "what the heck are you doing yan?"
at times, i just wish that going to Heaven is easy..
but i know it's not.

looking at the bright side
He is always Listening


budak said...

i like. i like. i like.
aku ske yan haha;D

keep it up, just write what u feel muah2 syg kau :X

Fazdlin Rahim said...

whenever i see n**** i see u.. hehe. saje je.. great post yan! whenever i do anything in this world. i hope my aim is just for Him.My love for my friends,family all for Him

izyan.ariff said...

hehe.muna..harap tu bukn sokongan kau bg atas paksaan.haha~nevertheless, im happy.thanx dearrr~

lyn: sygg...pe n**** tu? thanx for reading dear ^,^
insyaAllah.sume for Him kayh?

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