grab it

they are endless
yet, here we are
most of us
only watching and staring from the sidelines..

alhamdulillah. it seems like many of us - muslim students that is- are starting to understand Islam. with all the usrah and tarbiyah that we are involved with, many are starting to grasp the concept of dakwah. *diri ini tak terkecuali. walaupn pace kura2 tua yg sgtlah slow..huhu* But we all have different paces though. Some can run, some jog, some walk, some even crawl. So some people may have understood the responsibility that Allah has given to all who proclaimed themselves as Muslims, by doing as much dakwah as possible, yet some are not ready to take the responsibilities just yet. I say 'yet', because in the end you have to do it no matter what.

Doing it is not easy. It involves your time, your energy, your money, your effort. But are they really 
YOUR time, YOUR energy, YOUR money, YOUR effort? 

Truth is, all of these are His to own. the only thing He wants to see is us MAKING the decision to use all this borrowed things accordingly, along His path. So this is where i wonder. Being here in Ireland, i see endless opportunities being thrown here and there, endless events that we can join and enjoy, whilst doing dakwah at the same time, not to mention helping ourselves! (ye la..byk pahala ni..kite je tak nampak) usrah, PMS, winter + spring + summer camps, relief missions, events by all sorts of organizations - IMAM, FOSIS, MSM, PPIMI - the list is endless.

But still, there are those who understood Islam and dakwah, yet they are neither running, nor jogging, nor walking, nor crawling. they are the ones who stare and watch from the sidelines. They are the ones who threw away all these endless opportunities coming their way. I'm saying this, not to condemn others. But instead, may it be a reminder, for you and i, who claimed that we are brothers and sisters in Islam.

cant we just stop and think for a while..?

When there are others who are putting their lives on hold, sacrificing a whole lot more, only to search for a chance to help Islam; we are the ones who looked away, when we are presented with such chances.
When others are planning and managing their time as much as they can to fit in any usrah or Islamic events; we are busy scribbling notes on our planner for the movies and dramas that we are going to watch.

We humans are weak.
we are not willing to spend 2 hours in usrah, 
but we are willing to spend 5-6 hours watching YouTube and facebooking.

we are not willing to pay for a religious program or talks costing 11euros,
but we are willing to watch a movie for 11euros.

but knowing that we're weak, we should at least try harder to be stronger, instead of just admitting that
manusia itu lemah.

Chances and opportunities to be a Muslim are presented, yet, when there is nothing to stop us, we are busy creating things to stop ourselves. Looking for excuses that dont even exist in the first place. I wonder why? Do we think that we have all the time in the world? Do remind ourselves, that our lives here is only about 2 hours of the life that we will have in the hereafter. and that is for those who might live for 100 years. (tapi kalau duk minum air coke, makan chocolates, added MSG lagi, tak sampai kot 100 taun)

so change now.
stop staring.
grab it.

ps: this is me. retrospecting in public. wallahua'lam ^,^


ImanMuhammad said...

ish2 yan..
jazakillah for make me knowing myself better,and knowing u better..

it seems ...speechless ..
i dont have that courage as mush as u..(u said your phase mcm kure2, but posting something like this, i feel ain yg mcm kure2,x barani nak post mcm ni)

btw, jazakillah yan..(insyaAllah pahala readers ada partnye utk yan)

awak tahu sape ;p said...

izyan ariff.

sayang kau. hahaha ;D
suke suke (1000X)
chances bnyk sgt kan. n we ourselves kene grab sebanyak yg mampu.
maybe ramai yg lupe, yg usaha kita towards menolong agama Allah ni wlpn mcm susah n mencabar, tp sume ni akan direward balik. dan reward tu mcm telebih bias nk tolong kite lak.

sume bnde Dia pnye, so if we gune untuk kepentingan diri je, its not fair la.

above all, our efforts or duit or tenaga or masa (which Dia jugak yg bagi), if we gune betul2 untuk dpt rahmat Dia, He will reward dgn sebesar2 n sehebat2 balasan. dah telebih baik dah Allah ni, asek bagi peluang je.. huhu..

*panjang lak ckp*

hmm 2 je. aku suke.
keep on posting ur thought yan =)

Fazdlin Rahim said...

me likey!!!! love333...
smg kefahaman dikekalkn dan bertambah by days,, iA...

izyan.ariff said...

jzkk my dearies.. *tharu*

to ain: huhu.neves lak ain ckap gitu. seyez ain. yan tgh tgur diri sdri. if yan tak wat cani nti yan lagi slow gerak. it's the only way to keep me moving.sob2~ i need you girls ok?

budakkutau: haha..bajet anonymous tol kamu ni. mekaseh dear. supporter terbaek!! insyaAllah. keep on provoking my thoughts ye?hehe..

lyn: i miss you dear.i need to talk to you more about that thing..hehe. ntah lo. pas ckap ngan kamu n the others, i think i havent made a strong decision just yet. i need to make one, and i need to make it now. sob2~

sYiEdaH said...

soo true!! good thought yan! =)

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