1.15am: kami housemates menonton video ini.

*while taking a time-out with our study setelah seharian mengawal nafsu membuka laptop*

among all the videos that me and malin have watched (yes, since we're both anak jati kelantan, we were more obsessed with the news compared to pika, si anak jati kedah), this was the freakiest that i found. i think this one was very recently taken after the freak accident. *freak. yes, i would call that a freak accident*

but as freaky as it may seems, it is takdir. it is ajal. and there's nothing we can do about it. who would've thought, that you will die in a car-involved accident, INSIDE a shopping mall. if someone tells you that, would you believe it?

terkesan. that would be the right word to describe what most of us are feeling. *at least that's how me & my friends are* we wondered; how guilty the driver and the passengers might be, that they fled the scene. *at least that's what the news said* but you cant really blame them. i think it all happens for a reason. all things happens for a reason. no matter how irrational things may seem, there's always a reason. our tiny minds may not be able to grasp it all, but that's why we're called humans. we're not meant to understand it all. but i think it's enough to know that there is always a reason.

there is a reason why those accident happens.
be it for the driver.
be it for the passengers with him/her.
be it for the unfortunate girls. *al-fatihah*.
be it for the families of the deceased.
be it for anyone who takes some time off and think.


ps: another thing that i just have to point out after watching the videos, is how important it is to know basic first aid skills. i am grateful to see a citizen, willing to help in a very shocking and stressful situation, performing CPR on the girl; but it is also painful, to see him doing it wrongly. for those who did learn first aid skills, use your knowledge wisely, dont just forget them. should anything like this happen in front of us, would we just stand and watch people doing it wrongly? if we have the knowledge, we should be responsible for it. and use it.



d4uh said...

cpr die bg tu salah ekk..hoho..mungkin sbb cuak..klu kak yan ada kat situ agak2 pegi dekat x..hee

izyan.ariff said...

to ADIK firdaus~
hm..based on ilmu first-aid-in-3-weeks yg baru dpt.. boleh conclude agak salah. but of course i dont blame him.he was responsible kot. huhu..entahla. harapnye ade strength untuk pegi. niat siap2.hehe..btw, budak engine pun kene blaja first aid ye...

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