doctors only marry doctors?


a friend: yes. because you'll understand each others' hectic schedule. especially during your internship.

me: but i always thought marrying someone outside of medical field would make the life easier.

the friend: well, try finding someone who WILL understand your busy life first.

me: that's a bummer.


let's see what happens. =P

**typical dinner conversation.hehe~
*** post made after watching grey's anatomy.


Nieeyz said...

Dr Zainul Rashid pn oyk gtu hr tu.. erm..

izyan.ariff said...


speaking of which, ckap2 pasal ni tgk2 saifulislam ade post pasal ni.hehe~ sile usya pendapatnye =)

*link ade in the blog kat special chocs*

Fareast Al Muhandisu said...

a doctor don't want marry an engineer.. because if they do, they gonna face a situation where they not gonna meet each other for months.. dats horrible, bliv me..

my senior's experience lg teruk, engineer kawin engineer.. tp bini dia resign afta months kawin n jd lecturer.. so, better u kawin ngn doktor je la.. haha

P/S: family first!

sist said...

hm.i think it all boils down to 'kesefahaman'.mana2 marriage pun; it's about being able to compromise, to give and take.

jodoh itu ketetapan allah.no matter how u plan,engineer ke doctor ke,He will have the last say.trust me,i know.

btw, u still have a long way to go so don't you worry your little head about that just yet.

izyan.ariff said...

fareast: i guess some ppl have to tolerate more. but im not gonna limit my choices just yet. haha

kakak: yup2. agreed. it's all in His hands.
*ala...takleh ke?* haha. not worried. but it's a fun thing to think about though.lalala~ =P

mieyra said...

ak nk gelak jer bley x.....

pisey said...

yan jangey bimbey.
kawe sokong demo kuk belakey.

nok join miera sukow.

jangey mikir banyok
(sedak oyat kokrey)
gano ni,
ak jual goreng pisey jela.
suko ati nok nikoh nge sapo2.

izyan.ariff said...

gelak2 tgk2 dio dulu~haha~~

mu jual ak beli,.no hal di situ.haha~ mum konfem nok hok hensem dop?heee~
uit.pray for me.exams coming soon~next-week-type-of-soon~

amal said...

A Male Doctor should marries a female nurse...sweet gitu...haha

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