music & memories

i think it's not wrong to say that i grew up with music around me. im not sure whether it's a good thing or not. but it's definitely the truth.

awal2 highschool, my parents would call me
ustazah rock; just because i am with my walkman (gadget dulu.mp3 tade lagi) most of the time. i think somehow it's bothering them how i study with loud music on. but all those songs i've listened to was not for nothing. cuz now, whenever i come across them, they brought back memories. different songs, different memories. so here goes some of it:

xfactor-tak sanggup
Form 1. the year i suddenly listen to malay songs. mainly due to Akademi Fantasia. haha. i stop watching after the 2nd one ended. i remembered my first time listening to Radio Era that year too.

Any Incubus's songs
abe comes to mind. hm..i miss him so much right now. i wish he calls me. (note: kakak. tell him to call me.huhu)

switchfoot songs
-back in naim lilbanat. i remembered falling in love with the soundtracks in 'A walk to remember'.
-how abe said he doesnt trust my taste in music. and eventually he acknowledged it, and came to like switchfoot too.
ps: i love this band up to this day.

closer - kings of leon
-the first time we went back home for raya together. me kakak and abe. driving. hehe. it was a freaky song actually (the fact that it's the soundtrack for a very terrifying movie).
-there was this crazy lady who drives freakily. i think kakak & abe & along & kak nini will remember that car vividly cuz u guys were racing her up till she did that crazy overtaking. (i didnt remember much cuz i was sleeping at the back most of the time.hehe) but i do remember waking up to see all of you excited and all.
- thinking back, i think this will be the
only time we'll be driving just the 3 of us together. *sad* alhamdulillah for the chance. =(

David Archuleta - crush
kakak. the drives we had in putrajaya everytime you picked me up from KMB. it was always this song playing on the radio. the weekends we had driving up to shah alam to spend them with abe. how we would end up in subang parade eating at Dave's Deli.

Eric Clapton- Tears in heaven
definitely abah and his guitar. i love you daddy =)

Dewa - Dealova
k in form 5 when i was in mrsm pc. somehow the image of me with the Iqbal girls in a room at Tok Bali comes to mind. =)

Kate Perry - Hot and Cold
this has gotta be kakak and abe doing the head thing in the car.hahahaha~ (i cant help laughing at this). *huhu. i miss hanging out with you both so much!*

The All-American Rejects - Move Along
the first time i went to a cinema. bowling in Kuantan when i was in Form5. *smiles*

Killers - Mr Brightside
definitely my SPM days. and a friend of mine. encik paih namenye. *i think it was his fave or sumthing*

i even have songs that remind me of my fellow classmates in KMB:
ein a.k.a intissar -
Kerispatih (Tapi Bukan Aku)
fatin ketaq lutut -
Estranged (Itu Kamu)
lyntot a.k.a fadzlin - anything hiphop and nigga-like. *haha* she cant deny this.
sue -
Mika (Relax, take it easy)

Kelly Clarkson - Because of you
this remind me of my lalim- fatin farhana wahab =) *huggss*

Evanescence- my immortal
i think this would be the time i was in form 3. i was in a transition phase. suddenly budget nak jadi a cool rock chic or something. listening to EMO music and bought all things black. *haha* thankfully it was a very short phase. but i remembered the feeling of wanting to be cool. *identity crisis*

it's a never-ending list i should say. so i better stop now.
but the bottom line is, im thankful for the music & memories. =)


fatiN said...

lagu pasal saye..?

wah wah!!!

tajuk ini sgt interesting...sy akan membuat post mengenai tajuk ini

wz said...

lagu spe ni yan?

izyan.ariff said...

fatin: hehe. mmg niat nk letop la ur song dear. tp lupa cuz byk kali edit.hehe~

whida:ye syg? which song? i have a few songs in here..=)

FaReAsT AL-MuHAnDIsU said...

huhu.. izyan ad blog.. come across with it dlm blog kema..

this latest post remind me the good old days at pc.. never been too obsessed to music b4 dat.. huhu.. dat time sbb terpengaruh dgn mami, addicted to mawi.

tp dah lama sgt x dgr mawi.. I dun remember when was the last time I listend to mawi's. down memory lane.. huhu.. dgr je mawi, teringat pc

hang apa habaq?

izyan.ariff said...

salam faris~

thanks sudi bertandang.hehe..
hm..sbut mawi tringt cikgu asrul la plak~
hehe..orchestra punye pasal =)

alhamdulillah sihat~~ =)

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