confession of a sin

so this guy's name is afiq anuar. the fact that i dont know who he is doesn't stop me from commenting on the link in facebook that has been circulating around us KMBians 0709.

it was a typical day, i was back home after a very tiring day, checked what's up in fb, and came across a very interesting link posted by fellow friends on this particular super junior, read it, laughing, continue reading my friends' comments, laughing again, and for fun, added my own comment on the link.

today, i told the story to a friend of mine, and i checked it again. but this time, a comment made me think instead of laughing like all the previous comments before me.
"mengumpat secara bertulis"
- mr firdaus abu bakar-
fellow KMBmate *whom im sure dont know who the hell i am*

if he didn't write that, i wouldnt have known nor realize what i was doing. i do admit that most of us actually neither really care who the boy is nor give a d*** about what he was saying. But it still doesn't give us the right to tease and make jokes about him behind his back.

i guess that all of my batch are still not over of the whole difficulty that IB actually brings us, that it seemed quite funny seeing someone so oblivious to what he is about to face doing IB. nevertheless, im sorry for laughing along with all the jokes made.

to say that talking behind others' back a.k.a mengumpat has become something so common and taken for granted is definitely not wrong; considering that most of us (me particularly) don't even realize that we're doing exactly that. *astaghfirullahal'azim*

mengumpat: dosa besar. *i feel horrible*

so to my superjunior mr afiq;
sorry for the jokes made. it was wrong.
i wish you all the best in becoming a good pakar jantung.
insyaAllah =)


M@a a.k.a deWoo said...

tau xpe...jdkn ia tauladan N ingatan di masa hadapn kelak...

amal said...

ces...junior aku yg sangat2 rapat rupanya...aku yg 'jaga' dia dulu..haha...giler ar, apsal mak aku tak calonkan aku tuk award ni dulu??

izyan.ariff said...

yup2. thats y its important to keep on berpesan to one another.

amal: seyez eh amal?? sian die jd mangse kebosanan kitorg.hehe~ xleh. ko tak ckup ketinggian n keenseman.haha~

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