happy day: of babies & oldies

this post is just a recap of my day *smiles*

there are two things that easily melt my heart.

babies? EVERYBODY loves them. they're cute bubbly and aaAAA..sgt comel! plus i think it's abah's influence. he has this soft spot for kids =) elders? this i guess came from the fact that i grew up with arwah che abah, who lived with us for 15 years or so. and i think, this too, comes from abah. =) watching him whose very attentive towards them. whenever and wherever he meets one.

so today, i got to experience both. going to a maternity hospital as well as a nursing home. two different sites in a day. despite the fact that the weather was super-duper freezing cold and raining, (not to mention the fact that my sole of foot hurts like hell due to lasnight's adventure) i walked with a big excited smile pasted on my wet freezing face =D
in the morning:

maternity hospital: totally loved it. i have always wanted to become a paediatrician (prayed that i have the time and energy to become one. InsyaAllah) so i WAS excited. the first excitement comes from sharing a lift with a new-born baby (cuteeeee) i couldnt handle myself much. all i did was repeating the same mantra along with pika "nak anak. nak anak. nak anak" and "nak twins. nak twins. nak twins" haha~ the lecture-which-was-a-very-relaxed-one was very informative. the best part would be seeing the patients coming in, listening to their experiences and definitely the part where it involves the blood-invested placenta and the part the doctor shows us how to 'kepit the baby's head' with that huge tool. seriously, if you've seen it, you would've never thought it was used to deliver babies. *ganas*

*this tool is huge people*

in the evening:

nursing home: i was in awe going around that place. it has EVERYTHING. saw some of the elders there. most of them are sick. but they were all nice. yes, of course, all i want is to be able to care for my parents in the future. insyaAllah. but there are cases where you just have to send your loved ones to nursing homes. *alzheimers for example*. but i wouldnt worry if my loved ones were there. it was perfect. all the things needed are there and the staff there really do care for their patients. TOP to BOTTOM. they knew EVERY single one of them.

the staff told us, that most of the patients who stayed there are due to dementia a.k.a nyanyuk. it got me thinking. "if only they knew" From my limited reading, i gather that nyanyuk is definitely not something that everyone of us will get once we're old.
refer to Al-Quran (16:70) and (22:5).
"Ayat-ayat ini menunjukkan penyakit nyanyuk berlaku kepada sesiapa yang dikehendaki oleh Allah SWT" i read this somewhere. and i've heard that the best tool to prevent 'nyanyuk' is by constantly reading the Al-Quran. InsyaAllah kita sama-sama amalkan. starting now~ jangan tunggu tua-tua. especially everytime after solat. bace kejap je~ =)

Then, when we were about to leave the place, we saw a guy (he's about 61) being held by his wife, walking with her, smiling as he walked past us slowly. the nurse told us that last year, he went to visit his daughter in new zealand. and now, just a year later, he couldnt even hold a fork on his own, and sometimes he cant even recognize his own wife. it scares me to think that these could happen. nauzubillah. but it opens up my mind.

There is a lot more happening out there, and they might happen to us too. all we can do is always pray to Him, that our life will turn out just like how we planned it to. but in the end, it always goes back to:

"Kita hanya mampu merancang, Allah yang Menentukan"



aifaa said...

i'm glad u had fun :)

btw, i think the doc used something like that when i was delivered. *dad says i got pulled out with a 'huge tweezer'? hahaha.

*abah kt states lg, tp crito mcm he was there je...hehe*

izyan.ariff said...

aaa~~ no wonder ur head shape looks weird.hahaha~ (kidding kakak)

*never heard abah cite that part. btw, sian abah.give him a chance. he just doesnt love you that much. HAHAHA (evil laugh)

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