بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Entah bagaimana kita mampu mengeluh tentang kehidupan ,
Sedangkan ada yang mendirikan pondok dibawah jambatan,

Kita segera malu berhadapan
Orang-orang yang punya lebih dari sekadar kecukupan,
Segera malu di dalam kesederhanaan
Kerana belum memiliki sebarang kemewahan.

Bagaimana kita mampu mengeluh tentang kehidupan,
Tanpa segan silu menginginkan lebih
Dari sekadar kecukupan?

Bagaimana kita mampu mengeluh tentang kehidupan,
Sedangkan ada yang tidak berani bermimpi
Sekalipun tentang seguni keinginan
Bahkan semangkuk keperluan?


Copied this from a facebook post from a friend of mine. Each verse is so true. As it question how a person could still be complaining about his/her life, when someone else wouldn't even dare to dream of what the others have.

Which brings me to the topic of instagram. For those of you who doesn't have it, kudos to you for not falling to the temptation of dunya. For those who have them, istighfar it is. 

As much as instagram is a platform to connect between close friends, it's also a platform where you could see everything from everyone. noticed that search button? where it holds millions of other users who you have no idea of. But they are always there for you to look at. but noticed the similarities between the posts that are in there? they are all beautiful things.

beautiful people.
beautiful dresses.
beautiful bags.
beautiful restaurants.
beautiful places.
beautiful sights.

rarely, or should i say scarcely, 
or better yet, we actually never seen anything remotely ugly in there.

hence, the danger. we got so used to seeing privileged people in there, that we forget all those things that we already have. because everyone in there seems to have it better. better weddings, better holidays, better food; better life? we forget that Allah Knows better. He Knew more of what we need than what we want. cause i think we all could agree that the things we want are often stupid things, and we only realized of what we need when we lost them.

i thank Allah, everyday, for putting me exactly where i am today, for letting me have this humbling job that keeps me reminded and grounded. cause whenever i find myself scrolling through random posts, wanting those beautiful things that others have, i am sucked back into reality when i see all those patients of mine;

that 75-years-old makcik, who came to the clinic today with her old bicycle, because her children couldn't afford a car or even a motorcycle to bring her for her appointments. 

how could i yearn for a Michael Kors, seeing the elderly gentleman, who only just got back from 3 hours of rubber tapping earlier that morning, just to put some food on the table.

how could i wear sparkly clothes, when a 10-year-old kid came in to see me, with ragged clothes, having stopped school because his mom recently died, and his dad couldn't afford to send him to school. 

Look around us, through our eyes, not through social medias. Because reality is outside of our phones and gadgets. And only then can we truly see what life is all about. Only then can we be thankful with our lives. Only then do we realize that there are so much more people out there who need our help, or at least, our prayers. 

May Allah grant us all ease and keep us in His Blessings, and keep us all humbled in whatever that we do and whatever that we wish for, and most importantly may Allah keep us thankful with everything that we have. Ameen wa insyaAllah. 

Nabi Muhammad (SAW) said: 

"Look at those who are lower than you and do not look at those who are higher than you. 
That is more likely to prevent you underestimating the blessing of Allah on you." 

In another variant, he (SAW) said:

"When one of you sees someone who has been given more bounty 
in respect of wealth or physical strength, 
he should then look at someone who has less than him."

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Mardiati Nasution said...

Assalamu'alaikum sister, salam kenal. Senang sekali membaca post ini. So deep, and true👍🏻.

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