no fancy celebration this year.

a few phone-calls in the morning.
thanking Mama and apologizing to her for the pain of giving birth to me,
and for putting up with her daughter for the next 24 years. i love you.
she dreamt of me the night before by the way. hehe~
next is Abah. who's back to counting days that i'll be home again.
heh. no surprise there. i love you. :)

occasionally reading texts and tags and posts;
beautiful wishes and prayers,
and some cheeky jokes too.
they never fail to make me feel all bubbly inside.

later during the day;
i had a quite lunch-break+little cake with my partners-in-crime,
ika + pika + akem

and then we all head back to our books in the library.
we might just end up doing this for the rest of our final year,
being studious and nerdy in the library at weekends. :)

only a few strides left before we would become Doctors, insyaAllah. 
the thought scares us as much as it excites us.

ya Allah,
ease our path.
ease our path.
ease our path.
in whatever that we do,
and don't let us go astray. 

ps: i have a bucket-load of wishes for my 24th year, truthfully. 
some are very special ones too. *huhuuuu~~*
but i leave it to Him to decide what's best. 
i can only ask and do my best. insyaAllah. 

oh, and i have an exam tomorrow. 
send me some prayers?

may Allah showers us all with His blessings and mercy.
and to make us all His thankful Hamba;
who will never forget His Nikmat,
in times of happiness and sadness.
insyaAllah wa Aamiin~

perhaps my last birthday in Dublin? insyaAllah.
living up to the status: final Med.

and Alhamdulillah for having them 'anak-anak Zainol' every step of the way.
3 musketeers + 1 Zorro taking the pic. :)

thank You, ya Rabb.
Semoga Allah Redha.


Cahaya said...

sanah helwah kak yan. *lambat sikit* heee. may Allah always bless you fid dunya wal akhirah. :')

and all the best for your final year there. take care ! :)

izyan.ariff said...

to Cahaya (berseri-seri?hehe)

jazakillah sweety. i pray the same goes to you. doakan kak yan! and may Allah ease ur path in becoming a doctor too Aamiin :)

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