بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ


just another day in the B&B, decided to rest my head for a while and scroll the facebook newsfeed.

"hate the sin, help the person."
-AbdulBary Yahya-

i attended his talk in Dublin once. my short term memory can't really remember exactly when was it. Since then i've been following his facebook page. and Syeikh Abdul Bary Yahya's awesome quotes would always fill the newsfeed. and i do what i do best too. Like. or Share. today i chose Like.

i scrolled down some more.

and found a video entitled:
"Peragut Kena Tibai Depan Klinik Ibnu Sinar Kemaman."


what would have been the best thing to do?
what if he was not beaten up and shouted at in front of the crowd?
what if the one yang diragut shielded him from the angry crowd, and forgave him?
what would he say if someone was to talk to him one-to-one?
would he be just another junkie, not having enough money to buy more crap? 
or would there be more to the story? has he a sick mom at home?
has he not been to school all his life, so he does not have any jobs and is desperate for some food?
has he a sick child at home? has he no home?

all these endless possibilities. 

hate the sin.
everybody manages to do that. we all can. at that moment, at that time. everybody came together to hate this sinful thing this man had done.

help the person.
something that nobody would think of. at that moment, at that time. maybe we all wouldn't too when we are caught up in that kind of situation. wallahua'lam.

hate the sin, help the person.
i guess it's a mantra that's easier said than done.
but it wouldn't hurt to remind ourselves of it every so often.
with the hope that when our moment comes,
it wouldn't be just another mantra.


*nota kaki*
hati tengah sakit. sakit yang amat.
mohon doa dari sesiapa pun.
jazakumullahu khairan. :')


Anonymous said...

dan paradox ada dimana-mana. sadly

izyan.ariff said...


yep. =,=''

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