mind rant #16: bebelan minda

Sing a Song

i know how some friends hate it when a blog has a background song in it. some girls came up to me saying that when they visit my blog, they'd mute their speakers first, then continued reading. but what can i do? i like listening to songs that i love when i'm in here. :) it's been a while since i have one playing in the background. the last one didn't work cause the original website was closed. but after googling some tips and tricks, i managed to learn how to embed one in the blog again. heh. so bear with me will ya? if you can't then you always have the 'mute' option. *wink*


this song caught me the first time when i heard it in the background of a show i watched. i heard only the first line of the song, and i quickly googled it. :) yup. that's how fast i fall in love with songs really. and my search was a worthy one as the lyrics was so nice that i wanted to share it in here.

some say that life, you can't rewind
even when time is on your side.
some say that pain, it makes you strong
and you find the strength to carry on.

some say that tears are meant to fall
what good is crying after all
there are mistakes you cant undo
then they bring out the best in you.

nice isn't it? :) 
note to self to learn the chords and sing with abah this summer. hehe (sempat lagi)  :)

Hidup kita Sama

sometimes we feel that our lives are so much different if compared to the lives of others. but at the end of the day, we all ended up learning the same thing. contohnya the value of sabar. doctors learn it from the patients they see. office workers learn it from the scrutiny they get from the evil lady-bosses. mothers learn it from the tantrums their children threw. politicians learn it from the false stories (fitnah) being spread about them. while those in wars learn it from the deaths they've to see.

in the end Allah teaches us all the same thing everyday. planting the value of sabar into our hearts; albeit the different experiences (and the different level, of course). and one can only marvel at all the other values that Allah plants in our hearts everyday, with or without us realizing it. and they are all meant to bring us back to Him. so look harder, think deeper, and be thankful for the lives that we are leading. cause it all stems from the same root, and is growing towards the same direction; 

from Allah, and towards Allah. 

enough of rambling for tonight.
selamat malam.


Little Boolats

umar and airaa
Aunty Chik pengsan.


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