mind rant #11

have you ever felt those moments?

when you feel like you are lacking so much, it's scary.

when you feel that you might commit so much sins that you wish to stop it all and just die,
and yet you can't die knowing how much sins you have from before, 
and so dying seems to be not the best option after all.

confused if i am really giving out reminders, or if it all just part of a show?
scrolled down my facebook wall today, and looking at all those things i posted;
i feel like scoffing at each one of them. 

how much of those reminders am i actually doing?
how much of those quotes that i truly understand?
facebook is really only 1% of the real us.
well, at least for me it is.

i'm really tired of battling myself. :(

ya Allah, forgive our sins.
for our weaknesses, give us strength.

tolong doakan?
thank you.



ಠ_ಠ said...

when you feel you're lacking sth, just remember that "you have Allah that will be your everything.. when you have nothing."

Allah sometimes will test us, with our weaknesses & flaws, who do we hope for the most? and who do we believe in the most that will help us get through everything? Allah! Allah will help you, guide you, protect you, love you. forever&always. believe that C:

Anonymous said...

yes, we are always pretending in front of the others ( but we do know that we cant pretend in front if HIM )...just take it as one of the early steps to make it real ( the 'fake characteristic of us' ) insyaAllah...and dont forget to make du'a to him

izyan.ariff said...

i've read both comments countless times actually. jazakumullah for ur thoughts and advice :) hanya Allah boleh balas :')

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