the Gaza strip is being attacked again. they say it stems up from an attack from Palestine to the Occupier's  side which killed 3 people (i'm not sure if it's soldiers or civillians). but as always, they would do a disproportional-counter-attack back to Palestine. it's pretty much the same story; look it up. i'm too annoyed to explain it all in here. 

but as always, it amazes me seeing the same replies by our brothers and sisters. 
"kill as much as you want, we will never go down." 

i don't really worry about them, truthfully. because i know they all can make it through. they have been through it for so long, it doesn't make any difference. with each attack, it only makes them stronger. nobody can deny this. it's myself that i'm worried of. and i guess there are quite a bunch of people just like me out there;

who's hatred towards this injustice is felt;
only at times.
who makes tearful desperate Doa for the Palestinians; 
only at times.
who hates them Occupiers so much it feels like the gut will just burst;
only at times;

instead of ALL THE TIME.

Allahu Allah.
i hope they will forgive us.
i hope Allah will Forgive us.
because, we often forget. 

continue with our Doa peeps.
it's all about injustice,
but we all know that things will be paid off perfectly in the end;
by Allah Maha Adil.


"Tidak beriman salah seorang diantara kamu 
hingga dia mencintai saudaranya sebagaimana dia mencintai dirinya sendiri."
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

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